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We are Michael and Jane Pelusey and together we live a travel lifestyle as travel writers, authors and health and wellness coaches.
Our passion for WA comes from childhood travels and even though we travel worldwide, we love coming back to our home state. We have pretty much been everywhere in WA and love sharing the best places with others.
We have written over 90 books and still write for magazines and our own blogs at
Western Australia is so big, it has so much to offer. Let us take you on that journey.
I have a 4WD, where can I go?

I have a 4WD, where can I go?

Your 4WD is the ticket to fun, adventure and discovery. Once you leave the hardtop, there’s a whole new world out there, a world where mere 2WDs can only dream about. Rocks, rivers, reef and forest: so many reasons to get off road.