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You can cancel your subscription at any time following on from your initial sign up period. For example, if you select and sign up for 3 months, there are NO cancellations within that three month period and you will be required to make 3 monthly payments plus any set-up fee as outlined on the website. Your subscription will auto-renew to monthly payments, no lock-in, at the monthly on-going price – $69 + GST for Featured Listings and $39 + GST for Standard Listings unless you sign up for a new subscription within 48 hours of the end of your contract. If you wish to cancel your subscription you need to cancel your contract in writing, a minimum of seven days prior to your contract end date. Please email to This must be done at minimum 7 days prior or a one month charge will be applicable and the expiry of your listing will be one month from the end of your contract date. Once your payment for the next month has been processed, your next month will be live and you can’t cancel that month.


The current subscription schedule is as below-









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Pricing may change throughout your subscription, however the pricing is locked in for your contract period.


We understand that businesses experience cash flow changes, however we do not issue refunds or cancellations.

We encourage you to reach out if there are ever any issues, we will do our best to deal with your request as fairly as possible for all parties.

No discounts or refunds will be applicable in the event that the Perth Happenings website is down for any period up to 14 days offline where this is no fault of our own. In the event that a technological error, or other act out of our control occurs and the listings are not accessible on any platform, a credit will be applied to your account for the pro-rata period that the website is not accessible to a maximum of 30 days, in which all accounts will be places on hold.


Perth Happenings strives to provide you with the best possible experience and service.

All enquiries and contact will normally be replied to within 3 business days. You can reach us via the website, email or social media.


The Perth Happenings website is an online advertising platform. No guarantee is provided, nor stated, that any business or advertiser will receive an increase in sales, online traffic or customer sign ups by advertising on Perth Happenings. Upon request we will provide you with a bi-monthly report on the traffic to your business page. Our prices are based on historical traffic and data, alongside predicted patterns and trends and no guarantee is provided that the Perth Happenings website will have a specific level of traffic.

Perth Happenings and it’s affiliated parties do not take any responsibility for incorrect use of the website and advertising, and cannot assume responsibility for any incorrect information provided by the client, nor any damage, loss or injury arising from the use of our website – including business and personal performance as a result. Any customer issues arising from incorrect information provided to Perth Happenings or uploaded by the relevant business to their listing is at the fault and sole responsibility of the business subscription.


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