Meet the people behind Perth Happenings!
We have an experienced and passionate team, all here with one intention- to showcase our amazing city and state.

    Alicia Ngatai

    Content team- Family Writer

    Hi! My name is Alicia and I’m a mum of four from Perth’s North West.

    I love reading, writing and exploring as much as I possibly can!

    Musical theatre and live shows are a personal favourite but I’m keen to give any new experience a go.

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    Amelia Dindial

    Social and Content Teams

    Amelia’s passport might be Canadian, and she might say “eh” at the end of every sentence still, but after living down under for the past seven years, she uses “yeah, naw, yeah” like a local Aussie.

    Amelia is a total beach bum at her core. When she is not working as a nurse, she is out exploring WA’s beautiful swimming spots, trapezing around to find the best hiking locations, attending Perth events, and loves trying new restaurants.

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    Andrew Silverwood

    Social and Content Teams

    Andrew Silverwood is a fun seeker and a stand up comedian and MC by day (well, mainly by night.)

    Starting in London and Edinburgh as a theatre reviewer, he relocated to WA in 2020 and loves all things creative, and most things childish. You’ll find him at the launch of music events, theatre festivals, theme parks, arcades, cinemas, bars and more.

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    Jane Pelusey

    Content Team- Travel Writer

    Jane with husband Michael Pelusey are a writing and photography team with 20 year’s experience in the travel writing industry.

    They have written and photographed over 90 books including six 4WD and camping travel guides. Travel is their game and they are experts in hiking cycling and foodie trails.

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    Janelle Koenig

    Social and Content Teams

    West Australia’s First Lady of comedy is Janelle Koenig!

    With a spectacular 20+ years of world-class comedy behind her, and at least another 20 ahead, there isn’t an audience she’s performed to that she hasn’t won over.


    Nadia Haniff

    Content Team- Food and Family Writer

    Originally from Singapore, Nadia came to Perth to pursue her uni degree, and never went back! On the surface, she might look like the typical, harried mum of a preschooler but she is also part Latin dance enthusiast and closet nerd (Team Marvel ftw). Her interests are eclectic, that’s for sure. 

    Like any self respecting Singaporean, Nadia loves food and usually plans her holidays based on where and what she is going to eat. 

    Penny Hinds

    Social Team- Tik Tok / Instagram

    Hello! I am Penny. In my spare time you’ll find me eating out, checking out new restaurants and bars, going to the movies and attending summer festivals. I enjoy capturing these times by taking many photos and videos, especially tik toks.

    I love trying new experiences and recommending amazing places as it makes me happy knowing people will enjoy it just as much as I did.

    Rin Nelson

    Social and Content Teams

    Hi everyone, my name is Rin! Born and raised here in good ol’ Perth, with proud Indonesian roots. When I’m not being a busy Mama to my four kiddos, I’m a gallivanting around town finding exciting new places to eat, writing reviews and photographing food!

    I’m a big time film and theatre buff, and an advocate for independent small businesses, multiculturalism, as well as, fair and equal representation on social media.

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      Sophie Bidesi

      Social and Content Team

      Sophie is a passionate and experienced writer, with a background in PR, content creation, social media marketing…and even wedding planning!

      Her love of arts, culture, fashion, food and travel mean that she is always seeking out new and exciting experiences in Perth. Whether it be new restaurants and bars, the latest art exhibitions, theatre productions and films, or the best destinations for a local getaway, Sophie loves sharing all the amazing things that Perth has to offer.

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      Suhaila Daghar

      Social Team- Tik Tok / Instagram

      Hi! My name is Suhaila. Outside of my normal day to day life, I am a foodie! I enjoy trying out new restaurants and different cuisines.

      I also love checking out all the activities and experiences Perth has to offer.

      PS: You will always find me on the rides at fun fairs 🙂