What show do you go to when the Fringe list is so big. I’ve heard many people say they feel overwhelmed, well here are my personal picks for Fringe World Perth 2023!

I’ve put together my top picks for Fringe 2023, most of which I have seen their shows previously, so you can trust these will be winners!


Matt Hale Fringe World 2023
Hypnotist Matt Hale: Top Fun! 80’s Spectacular

20th Jan to 18th Feb- Various Locations

Matt Hale is without doubt a Perth Fringe World legend. We’ve had him host Instagram takeovers on Perth Happenings, his shows have received multiple 5 stars from us, and to be honest he is what you want to see in a Fringe Act.

Check out last year’s review here.

2023’s show Top Fun! 80’s Spectacular is set to be hilarious, especially for those of you who grew up in and around the 80’s.

Take the “Highway to the Hypno-zone”! Grab your day-glo, big hair & Rubik’s Cube as the must-see fest fave brings an 80s twist to his brand new show Top Fun! Laugh along, sing along or even star in the show (always your choice!) – we’re gonna party like it’s 1985!

Check it out here.

The Purple Rabbit Fringe World Perth 2023
The Purple Rabbit
25th Jan to 5th Feb – The Rechabite

If you haven’t been to a Strut and Fret show before, you are in for a TREAT! These shows are notoriously sexy and wow do they leave you in awe.

The rabbit is well and truly out of the hat as the creator of Blanc de Blanc and LIMBO takeover the Rechabite for a late-night fix of comedy, spectacle, and trickery.

From an ‘alcoholic Harry Potter’ of magic to ‘The Unnamed Magician’, get set for a five-star evening of mischief, magic and mind-blowing mayhem.

You’ll want to book early for this one!

James Hancox Megamovie Fringe World 2023
James Hancox: Megamovie
20th Jan to 26th Jan – Pleasure Garden

I have been a HUGE fan of James Hancox since he first performed in Perth a few years ago pre-Covid. I have never seen any show from James that I have not given a HUGE 5 Stars.

Check out my 2021 review of his show here.In an effort to save his career, serious actor James Hancox has just one hour to come up with the ultimate movie masterpiece: a high-intensity-yet-incredibly-low-budget blockbuster inspired by the greatest films ever made. It’s a race against time… and copyright infringement.

One-man sketch, silly songs and dodgy props.

Get all the info here

Brett Blake Fringe World 2023
Brett Blake – Smoko King

10th Feb – 19th Feb – Liberty

Brett Blake is one of those comedians that once you get his humour you will never forget the first show you went to. His humour is VERY Aussie, and very witty. The first show I saw of his was my first ever 5 star review and I regret nothing!Professional shit kicker Brett Blake has had and lost every job under the sun. He’s been a forklift driver, stunt man, fisherman, deep sea diver, sandwich artist, teacher, and underwear model to name a few.

His favourite and most important part of the working day is… SMOKO.

Book your Smoko here

Fringe World Perth 2023
Dilruk Jayasinha- Heart Stopper
Multiple Dates and Multiple Venues

I’ve only seen Dilruk Jayasinha on his Amazon Prime special, but wow that was enough, he’s a funny guy. He’s been on Celebrity Masterchef and Have you been paying attention.

In Hindi “dil” means heart and “ruk” means stop! While Dilruk isn’t Indian, “Heart Stopper” is an apt title for his brand-new hour of stand-up, given that last year one of his arteries tried to hit the breaks on his heart.

Spoiler alert: he survived. His new show is about setbacks, overcoming them and manscaping mishaps.

Find out all the fancy details here.

Dizney in Drag Fringe World 2023
Dizney In Drag: Once Upon A Parody
27th Jan to 19th Feb- Various Dates. Perth Town Hall

Although I haven’t seen this show myself, one of our new writers gave it a 5 star review in 2021 so I am ready to strap in and enjoy this Cabaret!Prepare to have all your childhood dreams shattered like Cinderella’s glass slipper in an elephant graveyard of adult fantasies and fairytale follies. ‘Dizney in Drag: Once Upon a Parody’ is a Whole New World you didn’t know you needed!

Follow some familiar characters and discover sides of them you never knew existed. Come and be a Toy in our Story. If you have any reservation, just Let It Go. Be Our Guest and book a seat now! You’ll pity the Poor Unfortunate Souls that miss out on this one.

Find out more here.

Fringe World Perth 2023
Feeling Way Too Good: Songs of Michael Buble
Jan 27th to Jan 29th – State Theatre Centre

I’ve seen Lisa’s previous show with Amy Winehouse and she is an amazing performer. It was a 5 star act and I can’t wait to see her crooning Michael Buble.

Eternal optimist Lisa Woodbrook is feeling WAY too good! Lisa is all about finding the silver linings in life, and ‘Feeling Way Too Good’ is a hilarious look at what to do when life gives you lemons.

After countless successes touring WA and performing on the seven seas, Lisa’s spectacular show showcases her powerhouse vocals, hilarious wit and her incredible five-piece band! Set to the soundtrack of Michael Buble, sing along to classics such as “Haven’t Met You Yet” and “Sway” as Lisa will leave you feeling WAY too good!

Book your tickets now!

Fringe World 2023 Perth
Peter Combe in Wash Your Kids in Orange Juice!
18 – 19 Feb- Pleasure Garden

It’s Peter Combe. Aussie Children’s entertaining legend.Peter Combe is Australia’s best known children’s singer/songwriter. His achievements include 3 ARIAS for Best Children’s Album, 7 Gold & 2 Platinum Albums and 1 Gold DVD.

His song Mr Clicketty Cane (Wash Your Face in Orange Juice) with over 5 million streams on Spotify and 5 million YouTube viewings is known literally by every child in Australia…and by most of their parents!

Get all the details here.

Matt Tarrant Perth Fringe World
Matt Tarrant: FATE
20th Jan – 5th Feb – Various dates- Pleasure Garden

Matt Tarrant is a regular on the Fringe scene (When Covid isn’t working against him!), and I have seen two different shows with my older children, and we all loved it each time.

Best-of-the-best world-class magic, mentalism and amazement from Matt Tarrant in his most epic show yet; FATE – the FRINGE WORLD favourite finally returns in 2023! This will sell out FAST!

Secure your spot early!

Club Freak Out Perth Fringe World

11.30 PM Each Friday and Saturday night of Fringe

Some of my favourite acts are in Fringe Freak Out! this year; the likes of Matthew Pope guarantee a wonderful night out!

After travelling around the world, Flynn V, The Party Prince of Perth is back with a rotating cast of his favourite freaks to bring you a late-night dance party like no other.

If you’re ready for late night shenanigans, THIS is your show.

Check it out here. 

We can’t wait for Fringe World Perth 2023 to get started! Watch this space for all our reviews and comment below with YOUR favourite Fringe Shows.