Perth, we have a movie superstar in our fair city. James Hancox hails from ‘Hollywood’ (that is what the UK is referred to in Action), and he is ready to take you on a ride through his IMDB credits.

Action reminds us that although new movies are at a minimum at the moment, there is no reason we can’t reminisce on an entertainment era pre-2020. Strap yourself in because James Hancox is showing us his greatest hits from Hollywood and there seems no shortage of content!

We saw James Hancox at Fringe in 2020 for both his shows and loved them. Hancox is an accomplished actor and comedian, predominantly in the UK (for real this time) and it shows not only in his stage presence but his professionalism. Each show is full to the brim with nonsense, hilarity and those unscripted moments with the audience that only the most talented of comedians can spin into moments of comedy gold.

Action pays homage to classic films with Hancox impersonating an icon from a cult classic using props that are so silly and unexpected, your children WILL try it at home. There is a timeless scene from one of my, nay the world’s, favourite love stories. With audience participation and Covid-19 distancing restrictions firmly in place, Hancox creates a romantic moment that needs to be seen- think clay and pool noodles. Wherever your imagination went, I’m sure it is actually quite close!

One of James Hancox’s most endearing traits as a performer is he holds no hesitation in diverting slightly from script if it provides an enjoyable experience for the audience. In fact, an acrobat seated in our audience created a completely alternative narrative when asked to join the show, and Hancox not only went with it, he embraced it. This skill allows the audience participation to be something quite magical. No two performances will ever be the same and that is what makes this a five star show.

Using the perils of the Blue Wiggle, there was one moment in this show that was written, in my humble opinion, just for the parents in the room. Although the rest of the audience belly laughed once they caught the joke, this parent laughed so loudly and from the first line of the audition, that I had to say directly to Mr Hancox- well done. You would have got the part if I was the producer. Thank you for a belly laugh that hurt my cheeks.

Go book your tickets for Action now! Go before the rest of Perth catches up and this show becomes a sell out.

WHERE: Home Economics at Girls School

WHEN: Runs until 31st January at 8.20 pm (excl. 25th)

TICKETS: James Hancox: Action