If you’ve ever cried at a sad movie, driven somewhere familiar with no recollection of how you got there, zoned out of a conversation, taken part in meditation, or even had a dream – Matt Hale’s Bonkers is for you. 

The aptly named Bonkers was created by Hale as a way for audiences to forget about the stresses and grievances of their lives and enjoy a night of silliness and fun that is rather well, bonkers. 

Hale reminds us that we all use our subconscious on the daily and being open to the experience is what will make it enjoyable for everyone. If you come in a sceptic you’ll miss what’s important – the fun! 

With his unique style of combining the fun of total audience participation with the incredible abilities of the mind, Hale turns the traditional hypnosis show on its head, highlighting the talents and creativity of the volunteers for big laughs from the audience. 

Winner of 3 national comedy awards, Hale has hypnotised people all over the world and certainly knows how to put on a night of fun. 

Over the course of an hour we watched volunteers drive down the freeway, take part in an 80s movie montage, scream ‘fake news’ when they heard the word ‘hypnosis’, go on a extreme rollercoaster (with one lady opting for a gentle carousel instead), hype up the crowd whenever the song Bonkers by Dizzee Rascal was played, believe that they themselves were watching a hypnosis show, vibe to Dreams by Fleetwood Mac, and so much more. Each volunteers distinct personality brought an element of hilarity and forged a connection between the volunteers, Hale, and the remaining audience. 

Having a new group of willing and ready volunteers in the audience at every show also means that no two shows will ever be the same!

However the greatest aspect of the show was that all participants are volunteers. Nobody was forced to go on stage against their will or pulled from a crowd; everybody who took part in the show was eager and willing, getting themselves out of their chairs and onto the stage. This meant that the participants were ready to give it their all with no resistance – something that made for an amazing show. 

If you’re not one for being under hypnosis on stage don’t worry, there’s plenty of crowd engagement as well! From playing air guitars to cheering on the members on stage who believe they’re famous celebrities, everybody plays a role. 

Matt Hale and his volunteers had the crowd roaring with laughter and created an amazing atmosphere that allowed everyone to just let loose and laugh together – something imperative after the year that was 2020. 

I would recommend this show to anybody who is ready to embrace new experiences with an open mind and who just loves a laugh! 

4.5 Stars

WHERE: Piazza at Cockburn Gateway Shopping City, Redmond Theatre, Main Hall at Girls School, Preston Room at the Rendezvous Hotel Perth Scarborough and main stage at Metro City

WHEN: Running until Feb 14 2021 – all shows can be found here.

TIME: 4pm, 6:30pm, 7pm and 9:30pm

TICKETS: Comedy Hypnotist Matt Hale I Bonkers