Yes, you heard right – you can buy vegan donuts in Perth! 

I have been vegan for over five years and when I first committed to the cause, I was sure it meant giving up donuts forever. Fortunately times have changed and vegan options are no longer a rarity – in fact, it seems that most eateries are willing to jump on this wagon and offer at least one vegan option on their menu.

I never expected to eat vegan donuts again, let alone find them at so many places around Perth. I am stoked that they are often deep-fried and laden with sweet toppings (plant based doesn’t always equate to healthy despite the common misconception). They’re so good that they don’t even taste vegan, which I’m pretty sure is the highest honour vegan food can earn and it means everyone can enjoy them, no matter your dietary choice.

Now that we’re spoilt for choice, here’s the Perth Happenings team’s top five recommendations for donuts in Perth.


Fellow Perth Happenings writer and vegan, Kim says this brand is amazing!

Carina’s Kitchen’s donuts are picture perfect and will have you saying ‘I can’t believe these are vegan’ for days. There’s a whirlwind of flavours to choose from, such as miso white chocolate, maple honeycomb and tiramisu, so you’ll never feel pressed for choice. It’s impossible to list every flavour they offer which is what makes this vegan eatery so freaking exciting – and I haven’t even mentioned the other sweets like their gorgeous blondies, cookies and cakes. Carina’s Kitchen pops-up in different locations around Perth, including Roho Bure in Leederville (a crazy good vegan ice-cream shop) and the Freo Farmers Market. PLUS, they offer delivery so I’m sure you can find a way to get these insane donuts in your mouth. 


The Grass Fed DoughnutDELIVERY

Although she is not vegan, Pieta tried these bad boys when they were still called Two Fat Frenchies and loved them!

These doughnuts will have you drooling from the pictures alone – they are visually stunning, jam-packed with toppings and come in boxes of six assorted flavours meanings you can taste the rainbow. The Grass Fed Doughnut has a huge variety of flavours on offer, ranging from Biscoff white chocolate, red velvet and oh my goodness, even apple fritters. If you’re feeling extra naughty, they do 3kg half-n-half ‘Giant Nutz’ that are loaded with customisable toppings like chunky chocolate-chip cookies, strawberries ‘n’ cream or rainbow sprinkles. Perhaps the highlight of this doughnut co. is that it is delivery only, meaning you are more than excused to stay at home and binge these sugar bombs on the couch.



Both Meg and I both agree that Donut Worry have the goods!


The Pink Deli is one of my personal faves!

The Pink Deli is located in the heart of Kelmscott (35 minutes south of the CBD) and it serves food that’ll remind you of your nan – it’s hearty, wholesome and so tasty. This little deli is renowned for its gluten free and vegan options, with these donuts being no exception. My favourites are the classic cinnamon, which taste just like my childhood – I don’t understand how, considering they’re lacking gluten, dairy and eggs. There’s also flavours like lemon sugar or strawberry toast, but I’d be sure to give The Pink Deli a ring before you drive for those – these donuts walk out the door. An experienced consumer of these donuts, they’re best served slightly warmed which makes them ever so soft and insanely tasty. 



Darringtons are an exclusively vegan and gluten free bakery, meaning you can dine with confidence that what you get is what you actually asked for. They’ve got cinnamon donuts, glazed donuts, jam donuts, long johns and even donut bouquets for that someone special in your life. Darringtons is on Great Eastern Highway on Burswood, so very accessible for all you central city folks and open six days a week to keep our sugar levels maintained. And, if you somehow get sick of donuts, this bakery is loaded with other pastries including ‘wagon wheels’, vanilla slice and even savoury pies.

There you have it, our top spots for bloody good donuts in Perth. Check them out and let us know how you go @PerthHappenings on Facebook and Instagram

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By Grace Jones