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Pieta Sharpe

Founder and Editor

Welcome to Perth Happenings!

Hi, I’m Pieta the owner and Director of this very special business. Perth Happenings was founded in 2016 from a want to provide an opportunity for all of Perth to be seen and heard. I wanted to share the smaller events, create community connection and provide somewhere online for people to find each other.

4 years on, and I know we are a part of a larger Perth community. We have over 50,000 Perth locals following us on Instagram and almost 30,000 on Facebook. That’s alot of locals.

We receive emails and messages daily with feedback saying “we never even knew about that and we’ve lived here our whole lives!” I respond with – That’s why we’re here!

I truly believe in providing an opportunity to showcase that a business can have a social conscience and heart, yet still be successful.

I am a Mum, I am a friend, I have worked in the community development sector, Not For Profits, DCP and I am incredibly passionate about people and creating space for everyone. I am also exceptionally passionate about what I do with Perth Happenings and I hope that it not only shows, but that you feel inspired to love Perth as much as I do.

Thanks for dropping by and I am always happy to hear from you – email me at pieta@perthhappenings.com.au

Pieta 🙂