Perth’s Latest Vegan Offering -Ten Acre Block

Perth’s Latest Vegan Offering -Ten Acre Block

Plant-based eating just got a little swankier. Introducing Perth’s newest pop-up vegan restaurant, Ten Acre Block

Ten Acre Block is located in the heart of Perth city within the Pan Pacific Hotel. It has taken the place of the old breakfast buffet. The space is warm, inviting and luxurious with a rustic twist. Immediately, my eye was drawn to the large open kitchen with benches piled high with hearty Winter produce. Watching the flow of creation and fire in the kitchen is truly mesmerizing. 

The drinks list is vegan-friendly and local, featuring a selection of wines, cocktails and juices. My guest and I don’t drink alcohol, so we opted for the magical fresh juices. 

There is a set five course degustation menu, and each plate is inspired by the changing seasons. Chef Alejandro Saravia came out to personally tell the story behind some of the beautiful dishes. Is it just me, or does food taste better when the ultra hip head chef explains it to you? 

The dishes hero the so-called ‘ugly’ produce that can’t be sold in supermarkets due to minor imperfections. Sadly, these babies often go to waste. I love that the restaurant industry is slowly, but surely changing to reflect the importance of sustainability.

The menu changes from week to week, according to the seasons. Here’s what we enjoyed on the last week of July:

  • BLOSSOMS & TUBERS Pulled banana blossom rillettes, celeriac cream, confit leek, puri crisps 
  • GOLDEN FIELDS Musquée de Provence pumpkin, Warren Grange last season preserved heirloom tomatoes, chapa bread 
  • WINTER CORAL Jerusalem artichoke, cauliflower purée, saltbush sprouts  
  • EYE OF PLANT Braised eggplant, lentil sprouts, onion & black garlic sauce, shaved West Australian Coomer truffles 
  • FROM THE PATCH Musquée de Provence pumpkin frangipane, pecan, coconut butterscotch, pumpkin crisps 

Each dish packs a punch visually, from the earthy colours to the impeccable plating. My favourite dish was the Winter Coral. The deep smoky layers warmed me to the core with each mouthful. My guest for the evening, Adrian, loved the bright and tangy Golden Fields. It’s worth noting that Adrian (who loves his meat!) was full to the point of bursting by the fourth dish. 

Ten Acre Block is a celebration of West Aussie agriculture, minus the meat. Never have I experienced creative vegan dining like this. Thus far, my experience with vegan meals has been limited to cafes where the options include salads, green bowls/smoothies and potato rostis. Ten Acre Block fulfills the escalating need for versatile and upmarket vegan dining in Perth. 

The restaurant will be open for 5 weeks, starting from July 30th 2020. Hit up your plant based friends and get in quick

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We were kindly invited to try Ten Acre Block.