If there’s one good thing to come out of this godforsaken pandemic, it’s the comeback of wholesome activities like arts, crafts and more importantly – board games. My friends and I are well and truly committed to our weekly games night, the perfect opportunity to catch up in person (wild, I know) AND unleash a healthy dose of our competitive sides.

If you’re looking for something to do next Wednesday that isn’t watching The Bachelor, check the list below for some iconic board games that are the perfect accompaniment to edge-of-your-seat drama (and wine).

You couldn’t have a Top 10 boardgames with Cranium; An oldie but a goodie. Cranium is a solid option for when you’re after a one-game kinda night. Grab yourself a partner, and fight to the centre of the board through rounds of trivia, acting, drawing and word games.

Uno Flip Image

2) Uno Flip

Perfect for a smaller group, Uno Flip has taken the OG card game and made it 1000x better. The deck is double sided – aptly named the light and dark side – making for a fast-paced, dramatic time.

Throw Throw Burrito Image

3) Throw Throw Burrito

A newer game on the block, Throw Throw Burrito is an energetic (and random AF) game that is perfect for those who want to throw things at their friends. Kinda like high school dodge ball, but a higher chance of your Kmart pot plants breaking.

Cards Against Humanity Image

4) Cards Against Humanity

The greatest way to prove you’re the funniest in your friend group? Play Cards Against Humanity. This iconic card game is all about pairing the perfect cards – and leaving political correctness at the door. We challenge anyone who thinks Cards Against Humanity isn’t in the Top 10 Boardgames of all time!

Family Feud Image

5) Family Feud

Don’t be sad that Channel Ten denied your Family Feud application for the 14th time – the board game is the exact same. Full of fun trivia and room to be as dramatic as you please, this game will always be a good time.

Family Feud Disney Edition Image

6) Family Feud (Disney Edition)

You know what they say, why play a board game when you can play a Disney-version of the same game. Well, maybe it’s just my sister who says that, but Disney’s answer to Family Feud is bursting with nostalgia and characters you won’t believe people remember.

Sequence Image

7) Sequence

More catered towards two-player games nights, Sequence is the love child of Connect Four and a deck of cards that you want to be besties with. If you’re looking for a relaxed game, this one’s for you.

Secret Hitler Image

8) Secret Hitler

This one’s for the German history buffs (and those who love to deceive), and splits your group into liberals and fascists – but the catch is you don’t know who’s who. This one’s a unique game of trust, tricks and keeping secret Hitler out of power.

Cluedo Image

9) Cluedo

The most time I’ll pay attention to what my friends say is during a game of Cluedo, for real. Great for small and large groups, this iconic game can be amped up by adding a role-play – who doesn’t want to dress up as Colonel Mustard?

Incohearant Image

10) Incohearent

Another new one on the block, Incohearent will have you wishing you brushed your teeth 5 times this morning. Strap yourself into a mouth piece, and get ready to say a phrase that means absolutely nothing, but sounds exactly like a word your friends have to guess. Be kind to your friends and turn your Instagram stories off.

Here you have it. Some oldies, a few newbies and a whole lot of fun. What do you think of our Top 10 boardgames?

Have a board game recommendation? Let us know below!

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