Petite Sweet: Art that’s edible

Petite Sweet: Art that’s edible

Leave your cookie cutters and piping bags in the drawer, Sweet Petite Studio has all of your parental baking and icing duties covered with their sweet range of paint your own cookie kits. Yes, no more baking or icing kitchen mishaps.

What started out as a search for a Christmas lunch place setting, soon turned into a very cool set of paint your own cookie kits for kids. Pip from Sweet Petite Studio is no novice baker; she’s a pro pastry chef with creative flare, her creativity is absolutely amazing! Check out the Petite Sweet Studio Facebook or Instagram page to see some of Pip’s creations.

Each paint your own cookie kit comes neatly packaged in a clear window box, there are three themes to choose from including; princess, seaside and farmyard kits – the perfect activity choice for a birthday party. Best of all there is no mess and the kids can eat their creations, pretty much straight away once they’re done painting.


Each gorgeous kit comes with;

Four seriously delicious baked and iced themed cookies, packaged individually
An edible paint palette (yes, my we sampled this once we were done!)
A paintbrush
A set of easy to follow parent proof instructions

My girls and I were all so excited to try out these gorgeous kits. I literally opened up the boxes, grabbed a jar of water for the brushes and we were ready to go. The cookies are really easing to paint, dried quickly, stayed fresh and kept my girls amused for at least a good hour and a half painting and chatting about how good the cookies looked, marvelling at the fact that the paint was edible plus general girlie chitchat.


Although our end creations didn’t quite look like they were going to make it onto any Insta cookie lovers page, we had such a fun time painting and eating the cookies. As much as I love baking, I was pretty glad that there was not a mixing bowl, baking tray or wooden spoon in sight. I also enjoyed not having to scrub down my dining room table as I usually would do post-kids painting session.

We really did have to restrain ourselves from taking a nibble of the cookies whilst we were painting. As soon as we got them out of their packets the smell of that deliciously sweet icing started to tempt us. Thankfully we all kept each other on track and managed to restrain ourselves and wait until we were done being creative.

We decided to enjoy a few for morning tea and they tasted absolutely amazing, super fresh and delish. We also shared some with our neighbours who were very impressed with our creative painting efforts. We did manage to save two cookies for the Monday lunchboxes too!

Get in touch with Petite Sweet Studio via email to order your very own “paint your own cookie kit.”