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Whilst us West Aussies are coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic relatively unscathed, the claws of Coronavirus have inevitably pierced the millennial skin, forcing us to adapt to new aspects of our lives. It is not all bad  news though, read on for my positive spin on making these changes work for you!



The days of: “Let’s just go out for a drink!” are over. Despite all of our fave bars, restaurants and pubs opening again, if you’re not booked in (ESPECIALLY on the weekends) you can kiss your dreams of a day spent lounging over cocktails goodbye. In addition, when you finally do get a booking, you still aren’t allowed to drop it low and boogie your heart out! I think that the lack of spontaneity right now can be such a positive change for those millennials who struggle with time management, FOMO or flakiness. If you want to see your friends now, you make a plan, you pick a time and a place, you book and you commit! Spontaneity is over, but keeping connected is IN – as we begin to value our time spent with loved ones more than ever.



Travel Culture

Although we do shed a tear (or ten) for the beloved Euro summers we’ve had to postpone, I think that we can all agree there is plenty to do right here in WA to keep us busy for yonks. With the gentle tease of New Zealand and the Pacific opening up to us soon, no overseas travel at the moment just means more time to save up for an epic 6 month vacation, unlike the dusty 2 month hostel trip you had originally booked – because let me impart some wisdom and let you know, that whilst hostels are fun for a while, they get tiring QUICK. I’m seeing a huge change on travel culture for us Millennials, with more of us choosing to holiday in our own backyard. We’re becoming so much more appreciative of what we have, and are getting to explore some of the prettiest, untapped places on Earth whilst supporting local. Check out our blog here on where you can release your holiday energy in WA.

Money Management

For some of us, myself included, that first taste of Jobseeker payment had me headed straight into an online shopping binge that ended with 13 deliveries on their way and a hell of a lot of Afterpay notifications. But from this lapse in shopping judgement, I have learnt the importance of managing my money more carefully, putting aside my rent and bill payments, and saving on luxury costs such as concerts and festivals where I would usually blow my entire paycheck. For me, being put onto Government support was never my plan and was somewhat disheartening, but it has made me value the money I do earn via working soo much more. With my time off, I have also been able to research new banks and switch to one that gives me almost double my interest rates! Right now is a great time to get your finances in check and actually start to save for that big holiday once it comes around.

Time to Work on Ourselves

With so much free time (for us in event management, anyway!), I have been able to dabble in things that I usually wouldn’t have dreamed of, for lack of time. I have painted, I have flower pressed, I have started a book club and I have cooked. And startlingly enough, it has been FUN! I’ve managed to learn a tonne of new things and it didn’t cost me the soul of my first born. I have seen so many of my friends experimenting in activities that have inspired me to try new things. And now that I have started – I don’t want to stop! Let’s continue doing all of the things that kept us happy in isolation, and continue to to turn a pandemic spent at home into something positive.