3 Places in WA that’ll Fill the Sail-Croatia-Sized Hole in your Heart

3 Places in WA that’ll Fill the Sail-Croatia-Sized Hole in your Heart

So you had the perfect holiday planned – Croatia one week, Greece and Spain the next. Sun, salt and shots – the perfect trio to make everyone back home skip through your Instagram stories even faster than they did before. But alas, COVID-19 decided to rain on your parade harder than the Perth winter that you were trying to avoid, cancelling all hopes of you eating your body weight in gyros anytime soon. Join the club. 


Take a look at it this way: you’ve got a hefty budget, some time to kill and one of the greatest states on your doorstep that you’ve probably yet to explore. So, if you’re not too triggered by the hours spent on hold to your travel agent trying to cancel your last holiday, have a read below and start planning your mid-year getaway in WA.





Wine Weekend in Margaret River

Say goodbye to €1 Jägerbombs and hello to your inner wine connoisseur – Caves Road is calling your name. I admit, douth is the obvious choice (and probably your mate’s second home), but man oh man Margaret River in Winter is just a dream. The AirBnBs are 10/10, the wine is *chefs kiss* and it’s close enough to Perth that anyone’s excuse not to join you is invalid. If your heart’s set on a wine tour (as it should be) change it up by hiring your own driver instead, that way you get free reign on what wineries (and how many) you’d like to go to. So pack every hoodie you own and head on down for a chill weekend in the hinterlands – and make sure you try Robert Oakley’s Grenache.

Road Tripping in Denmark

A bit further along the southern coast (congrats you’ve now entered #roadtrip territory) you’ll find Denmark – you know, the place with beaches made to insta-perfection? The Green Pools and Elephant Rocks will definitely soften the blow when you remember you’re meant to be on the Amalfi Coast. Accommodation is suited to all tastes in the Great Southern with options of modern chalets, classic motels and if you’re feeling extra millennial – you can fulfil your #vanlife destiny and camp. Keep the good vibes rolling and head to Esperance for the whitest beaches ever and those famous roaming Kangas.

Summer Dreaming in Broome

The closest you’ll get to a European summer in the middle of winter – Broome will absolutely spoil you with their hot days, clear water and camel rides on Cable Beach. Depending on the month you decide to make the trek, you can catch the iconic Shine Matsuri Festival (nice lil trade for Sziget Festival) and cruise around at sunset aboard The Willie – don’t forget to pack your striped tee for a DIY pirate party. Only downside: there’s no swimming allowed in the wet season – but it’s the perfect excuse to drop into Monkey Mia and Exmouth on the way up to swim, snorkel and sink some back ‘til you can’t think of why you ever wanted to leave WA in the first place.