4 star review

Le Aerial was an absolutely mesmerising display of aerial performances and cirque theatre.

From high-energy, fun and dramatic acts, to emotionally-charged, vulnerable performances, Le Aerial had it all.

Le Aerial is a family-friendly show that is suitable for anyone and everyone who wants to appreciate the graceful aerial manoeuvres, acrobatics, dancing and theatrics that this show contains. This could be seen by the diverse audience at the show – with young children, parents and grandparents alike being transfixed by the stunning performances from the group.

The aerialists used a variety of equipment for their performances – hoops, cages, nets, slings and more – demonstrating the impressive and almost unbelievable capabilities of the human body. It was thrilling to watch as they gracefully manoeuvred from great heights – plunging, spinning, tumbling, hanging and twirling above the audience’s heads.

Audible gaps could be heard across the venue as the performers appeared to narrowly defy death and held their bodies unimaginable positions, smiling blissfully the whole time. The flexibility, strength, power, and beauty of each performer was breath-taking, and it was hard not to be envious of the freedom they possessed as they defied the laws of gravity and seemed to literally fly above us.

In addition to the acrobats and aerialists, the group also had a number of talented singers that would perform alongside each act. The singers set the scene and mood of each performance with their powerful vocals, and the dancers and aerialists visually showcased the emotions to bring the audience along for the captivating stories.

The dancers – Craig Monley and Sriani Argaet from ‘Dancing with the Stars’ – brought a brought a new level of drama and theatrics to the show, entrancing the audience with their incredible performances.

Some acts featured aerialist duos, others by single acrobats or a dancing duo, and all perfectly paired with a song performed by one of the singers.

Le Aerial was absolutely brilliant, and a must-see if you’re attending this year’s Perth Fringe Festival.


Le Aerial

Who: Suitable for the whole family

Where: The Gold Digger at The Pleasure Garden

When: Various dates from 20th Jan to 5th Feb including some matinees

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Le Aerial Perth Fringe Review