Stepping into the abandoned spaces of TIME • RONE is one of the most exceptional experiences you’ll have this year.

Rone is a multi-disciplinary artist known for his large-scale portraits and multimedia installations in abandoned spaces. His work explores themes around beauty and decay, materiality and loss, often using abandoned buildings as his canvas to create richly sensory experiences.

For Perth audiences, Rone transformed the Centenary Galleries, a rarely used space of the Art Gallery of WA. It’s become a fully immersive experience and as you wander through the twelve rooms, you’ll question what we leave behind and the lives that inhabited these spaces.

The exhibition uses a blending of mural, sound and installation, and the attention to detail is so extraordinary you’ll feel transported back in time. Rone’s signature ‘Jane Doe’ murals adorn the walls and are haunting as if her spirit inhabits the story each room tells.

Rone worked in collaboration with stylist Carly Spooner and composer Nick Batterham to create this experience. There are intimate human stories within the rooms while the haunting music plays through hidden microphones, so your experience of the moment changes in delicate and subtle ways as you pass through the space.

While Rone’s work is fiction, he loves the stories he hears from intergenerational families who attend his exhibition. Conversations about real experiences inspired by these rooms are the stories Rone finds most interesting in this experience.

This is an unmissable event and bookings are essential, so get in fast.

TIME • RONE opens for a strictly limited season from 1 July – 30 September.

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Author: Sarah Schmitt