It’s a joyous time when vegan pizza is in abundance in Perth, even being offered at international chains like Dominos, Crust Pizza and Pizza Hut. But, if you’re familiar with Perth Happenings, you’ll know there’s nothing we love more than supporting local biz.

As the ‘resident vegan’ of the Perth Happenings writing team, I took it upon myself to put together this handy list. In here, you will find my favourite tried and well-loved places to get vegan pizza in Perth, so that you can support local eateries that are taking one for the animals (or planet or your health).

Trigg Pizza Stirling

Trigg Pizza Stirling is popular amongst the Perth Happenings team. Their light and crispy house-made base is a true standout, while their passion to provide options for everyone makes it a crowd favourite place. Kim Kine tried out Trigg Pizza Stirling and was thrilled to discover their famous gluten-free base was not only vegan-friendly, but absolutely delicious. Their monthly ‘design your own pizza’ competition is the perfect time for us to to rally behind the local business and show them the true demand for vegan options in the Northern suburbs.

My recommendation: The Vegetarian + Vegan Cheese

Image credit – Kim Kine

Hero’s Pizza (Como)

This comic-inspired healthy pizza joint is a cult-favourite in Como and surrounds. Their superhero and supervillain inspiration, the free slushies and games while you wait, and the well-rounded menu make this the perfect family-friendly pizza joint. I’ve not tried it yet, but they now have ‘The Charlie Brownie’ – a vegan and gluten-free chocolate brownie dessert pizza. My life will not be complete until I try this – follow us on Instagram to see my thoughts soon.

My recommendation: Snow Meat + Vegan Cheese

The Charlie Brownie. Image credit – Hero’s Pizza Instagram

Fat Mamma’s Wood Fired Pizza (High Wycombe)

Fat Mama’s might be my favourite of all time, simply because the vegan options are endless. Growing up in the hills, I never imagined I would be blessed with so many mouth watering options as this. For us vegans, there’s five pizzas, two burgers, pasta and garlic bread – I’ve tried all but the burgers, and they’re all out of this world delicious. So, should you ever get sick of pizza (how), you’ll still be covered with plenty more to choose from.

My recommendation: The Vegan Supreme Pizza

The Vegan Supreme. Image credit – Fat Mamma’s Wood Fired Pizza Facebook

Mack Daddy’s (Mount Lawley)

As the home of Perth’s giant New York style pizzas, I did not expect Mack Daddy’s to have anything decent for us vegans. However, I was delightfully surprised to find not one but two insanely good vegan options. They might start at $30 per pizza but please don’t be put off the price – the serving sizes are more than enough to share with a friend and you’ll certainly have leftovers. Plus, Mack Daddy’s regularly have specials so you can really get a bang for your buck. 

My recommendation: Half n Half (at no extra cost) with The Heritage and No Meat Just Calls

The Heritage. Image credit – Mack Daddy’s Instagram

Bacetto Pizza (Bentley)

I’d never heard of Bacetto Pizza until I searched ‘vegan’ into UberEats – something I often do. I’m shocked they’re not talked about often because their Popeye Pizza (made vegan of course) is a crowd favourite in my household – even the non-vegans go crazy for it. The base is light and the flavour combination is foolproof. Whenever we order Bacetto I feel like Kevin in Home Alone, trying desperately to fend everyone off my pizza (to no avail). 

My recommendation: The Popeye + Vegan Cheese

The Popeye. Image credit – Bacetto Pizza Facebook

That rounds off my top five places to order vegan pizza! Did you notice your favourite pizza joint isn’t listed? Well, I am only one vegan, and I know there are plenty more places to enjoy. Be sure to let us know who we’re missing, and we’ll be sure to book a trip out there soon! Let us know @perthhappenings on Facebook and Instagram.

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