Lace up your boots, grab a water bottle and head out for a hike near Perth. There are lots of walks around the river, local lakes and along the beach but when you want to up the ante and hit the trails, we have some great hikes to do. Much of these trails we research while being trail assessors for Trails WA so we have tried and tested them.

Hiking Perth to the East

Perth Hills is a hub for hiking Perth trails including the epic 1000km Bibbulmun Track. But if you are not ready for that, our favourite hike in the hills is…

Eagle View in John Forrest National Park It has the works: rock hopping along the Hovea River as it tumbles down the Darling Range escarpment, views to the city and fields of yellow and blue wildflowers in spring. The trail itself is 15km and grade 4 which means it is a challenging hike. It is 24km East of Perth.

Hiking Perth
John Forrest National Park
Hiking in perth
Eagle View Lookout

On our bucket lists of hikes is Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary in Avon Valley (on the way to Toodyay). The Numbat  and Quenda Trails are 12km and 6km respectively. This coming spring, we will definitely be ticking this one off our list. It is 50km east of Perth. If you want to read more about it. check out Paddy’s experience here.

Hiking Perth North of the River

Walyugna National Park (40km north east of Perth) has a few trails but our favourite is the Echidna Trail.

Word of warning one of the hills is a beauty and will have you puffing. The trail is a 12kms loop that starts with the Syds Rapids riverside stroll. This is obviously best in winter and spring when the white water is pumping. We climb up the hill to see views over Bullsbrook and the airbase.

Hiking Perth trails
Walyunga National Park

Yanchep National Park

Intriguingly called the Ghost House Walk Trail  This is a 12.4km loop hike which is beautiful in spring and along the way you will encounter the sights and sounds of the pristine Yanchep wetlands and discover the historic remains of the ‘Ghost House’. Yanchep is 50km north of Perth.

Perth Hiking Yanchep
Ghost House

Hiking Perth South of the River

South and a little east is Sixty Foot Falls in Ellis Brooke Valley.  Located in Gosnells (20kms southeast of Perth) it is the shortest hike I have chosen to highlight. Don’t let the shortness lull you into a false sense of security. It is uphill all the way to the top of the waterfall. Obviously, winter and spring make the waterfall flow.

Hiking Perth Hills
Sixty Foot Falls

Kitty’s Gorge in Jarrahdale  is a popular trail on weekends in winter and spring because of the waterfalls. In Serpentine National Park, this 14km loop climbs down to Serpentine Falls and back up to Jarrahdale (60km south of Perth).

Hiking Perth Hills
Kitty’s Gorge Walk
Hiking trails Perth
Serpentine Falls

Hiking Perth to the West

West of Perth there is a lack of large bush national parks but there are two special parks that can be hiked: Kings Park and Bold Park. Kings Park has some short trails like the Law Walk Loop  but out the back is a network of bush trails to explore. Bold Park has a more structured system of trails. We usually tackle the 6km Zamia Trail. It’s hilly and we use it for training for harder hikes. There are also great views over the ocean.

Hiking Perth
Kings Park
Hiking Perth
Zamia Walk in Bold Park

Have a favourite hike around Perth we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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