Western Australia is full of beauty, and it is hard to know all the best spots. Introducing one of our favourites, Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary. Just an hour out of Perth, this is a spot that so many locals and tourists overlook. If you’re a fan of the afternoon hike, and you’ve never heard of Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary, go check out this little unknown gem.

Perfect for the solo hiker or the group of friends and family, Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary has a whole range of landscapes that will constantly keep you admiring WA’s beautiful wildlife with every step.

With three different hikes in the one reserve, Possum Loop (2.3km – 1-2 hours), Quenda Circuit (6.5km – 3-6 hours) and Numbat Walking Trail (12km – 6-9 hours), it suits all styles of hiking – whether it’s just for a short fun time, or for more advanced hikers looking for something longer.

While you’re there, you’ll enjoy stunningly open views of the Avon Valley, cool woodlands of Wandoo and Powderbark trees, climb across granite outcrops, test some elevation, as well as smell and spot blooming wildflowers over the next few months. Also, as we discovered along the Quenda trail, there’s even access to a bubbling river that you can dip your toes in to cool during spring or summer.

To visit Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary, bookings are essential and need to be done at least 1 hour before you arrive. There’s a small entry fee of $10 per person, as the reserve is protected with a fence line and there’s a unique access code to open the gates. This low fee is why I personally believe people tend to overlook this hiking opportunity and go for more well-known Perth hikes like Bluff Knoll or Kitty’s Gorge. The fee, however, is to help protect the health of the sanctuary from unnatural predators like foxes and rabbits and to minimise disturbance to wildlife.

As the hikes are well taken care of, you’ll be given clear maps when you buy your ticket, and while you’re there, there’s clear direction markers, plus plenty of lookouts and stops for a picnic with a 180-degree view of blue skies, and valley views of marri and karri forest. Make sure to listen for the galahs calling!

For such a low fee, with a whole day of activity, alongside funds being used to help rehabilitate Australian native mammals like the reintroductions of the Black-flanked Rock-wallaby and the Tammar Wallaby, it’s an amazing place to spend a day out of Perth. Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary visitor numbers are capped however, so make sure to get in for a visit this season.

Now is the perfect time to visit Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary as they’re open to the public until the 31st of October. Head to the Australian Wildlife website for more details and to book.

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