Halloween means something different to everyone right?

Some people do it for the sugar rush (keep it safe out there parents!), others because they love to dress up and some, well they dig it for the adrenalin rush of the fear. Me- I just love any excuse to get out there and try something new.

Keeping in mind that Halloween events have a HUGE range, I have found my favourties from around Perth and will list them from G Rated Family fun to Yeah, Pieta isn’t going to do that and sleep at night!

So let’s start with the kiddie friendly events-



Fun for the whole family as Collier Golf Course with Mini Golf fun starting from 3pm for little kids through to a late session for those who are a bit bigger and can stay up late. There will be a FREE Spooky Face Painter from 3-5pm and of course, Best Costume Prizes and Trick or Treat.

Find out more here and book your tickets.


This event caught my eye when I saw $5 bottomless popcorn and a classic 90’s movie!

If you haven’t heard about the awesome new Planet Royale (firstly click here to check out our review) then you are missing out. This venue is truly an adult playground with Video games, Bars and a fab restaurant, but what makes them stand out is their indoor Event Venue with a HUGE screen.

Halloween costumes and families welcome!

Head here to find out more.



This is another business that has popped up in my radar and I wanted to share this as it is a bit different. Crystal and Stone are a warehouse style store catering for those who love crystals and all things beautiful.

Their Halloween event sounds fun! Join the Mermaids, Pirates and Sea Friends for some fun under the sea. They have fun activities for the kids so the parents can have a shop in private. As well as a Mermaid ready for photo ops. If you love Crystals- here is a good opportunity to have fun with the kids while getting to peruse!

Lock in the diary entry here.


Alright people we are stepping out of family friendly and into a more adult space!

An adults only venue and an adults only event at the amazing Rechabite. Featuring a lineup of awesome local DJs and market stalls, this event seeks to create a platform for First Nations, Bla(c)k and POC creatives, whilst cultivating a safer space for all.

You’ll find Markets from 2pm – 6pm and then move on in to the Rooftop bringing you Halloween vibes until midnight!

Get your Halloween Rooftop Action deets here.


Another adults only, but still not freakishly scary is the Halloween Fest at Gilkisons Dance Studio.

Gilkisons is an absolute part of the history in the City of Perth. Having celebrated their NINETIETH year this year (Well done team!) they are well known for throwing a HUGE Halloween Party.

Don’t get your dancing shoes on without a few drinks? No problems! Gilkisons are the only licensed dance venue in Perth.

Stay away from the light and scurry to Perth’s extreme Halloween Latin/Ballroom event of the year, whilst seeing you through to the witching hour as has been done in many years past.

Early Bird Ticket Sales on NOW!

Ticket information here.


Now Perth. I am going to warn you- We are getting into the Halloween type events now. Nothing trick or treat about the next three events.

Yes, this is a workshop on taxidermy and in true Halloween fashion- It is the Raven.

Held at the WA Museum Boola Bardip, spend two days finding out all you need to know, and do, to preserve a Raven. All materials are ethically sourced where possible and you will end up with a final product to take home.

Halloween lovers- you’re welcome.

Learn More here.


No we’re entering experiences that will make me jump and KNOW that the scary season is upon us. This one has a family element too during the day, but we’re here for the scare!

The city’s favourite escape rooms centre, Escape This, is transforming into Perth’s very own Haunted House this Halloween! I have never been in an escape room, but if Brooklyn 99 is anything to go by this will be a fun, yet spooky experience.

The entire Lake Street venue will be taken over with Halloween spirits including live performers, jack-o-lanterns and decorations to complete the festivities and lure in the unsuspecting trick-or-treaters amongst us. And for the kiddies and scaredy-cats, there are family-friendly activities planned in daylight hours too. 

A first for Perth, Escape This will also be offering a one-off Witching Hour Escape Experience for those daring enough to test fate and attempt an escape room at midnight in Perth’s most haunted building. PLUS, for your chance to win your Halloween weekend escape for FREE, grab your crew of escape artists, get them dressed in costume, and rock up for your booked escape! The best-dressed team over the weekend will have their booking reimbursed.

Midnight Escape Room? Click here to book and get your team ready!


Perth, your girl is a sook. I don’t do horror movies and jump scares ain’t my thing. However if that IS your thing, oh my, does this sound like your event.

You arrive with your friends to a secret pathway at night in Belmont.

You’ve got your starting co-ordinates and you’ve brought your fully charged, internet enabled mobile phone or tablet.

You look for the light of the candle, set waiting for you nearby.You find it and you have a decision to make…Now, you must decide.

Do you stick together or split up?

If you take the same path, you might feel less afraid. But if you take opposite paths, you might find out the real truth of what’s happening here…

There are two sides to every story. If some of you take one path and some of you the other, you’ll find out how much your perspective can change the truth…

Night Walk has some coarse language and adult themes. Night Walk is at a secret location. You receive your starting GPS at checkout when you book your tickets.

That’s all I’m going to share. A small group of you in the dark, with headphones and choosing your own adventure; maybe I will stick with Mini-Golf?

Grab your crew and assemble at your GPS location via information found here.

There you have it. An assortment of Halloween events for every level of experience. If you do try the Escape Rooms or the Night Walk let us know- we would love to share your experience!