The festive season is great for those who have a knack for sifting through the fog to find the shining light that is the perfect present for their partner, but for the rest of us not so much.

Finding a gift that encapsulates your love for someone else can be a daunting task, and no matter how long you’ve been together it never gets easier. Don’t fret, we’ve compiled a guide to help you through it.

Plan a picnic

Experiences are often worth more than materialistic presents, and what better way is there to express your love for someone than by planning an evening focused on them. This option is budget-friendly and allows you to embrace your creative side, or leave it to professional picnic planners like Lace, Petals and Hearts and Boho and Prosecco. Think flowers, food and an Instagram-worthy setup that you can both enjoy.

A piece of yourself

When you close your eyes and think of that special someone, a particular scent often comes to mind.

We all have a signature smell that hangs on the clothes we leave behind or the pillows we sleep on. Perfume is a classic present, but creating your own scent is something that goes beyond. Combine the things that you remind you of your partner into a refreshing fragrance for them to wear, or maybe make that something to remind them of you. Visit a make your own perfume bar like Heartwood in Cottesloe or try a perfume master class together. If perfume isn’t your style, you can always craft the perfect lip shade at the Lip Lab for something your partner can wear with a smile.

Adopt a star

Some say stargazing is among the most romantic dates you can plan, but what if you could look into the night sky and see a star named after your relationship? Well, look no further than star adoption, a service offered by the Perth Observatory.

Show the shining star in your life just how special they are to you by adopting a star in the Southern Hemisphere for them. Enjoy a private viewing tour at the observatory where you can get up close and personal with your new favourite constellation. Or if the pricing is a little out of reach, make your own certificate.

Unique Photography

The eye is the window to the soul after all, so why not take that to the next level? Embrace your partner’s quirks by blowing up their eye on a canvas. After all, the human iris is more individualised than your fingerprint. Iris Photography at Fremantle Markets offers incredible macro-photos of your iris, turning your partner’s eye into a stunning artwork.

Gift Boxes

Are you one of us who have left things a little too late or is buying gifts simply not your cup of tea? We hear you. Leave it to someone who will do the job justice – try out a local gift delivery service to give the festive cheer on your behalf. The options really are endless, with flowers, skincare and even dessert boxes on offer. Little Shop of Happiness provides a mix bag of self-care, while Sugar Coat It and Yummy Box can satisfy those with a sugar craving.


Show that special someone you know them best by going for a classic gift, a book. They are the perfect way to show you really know your giftee and offer the chance to prove you’ve been listening all this time. Do they keep harping on about a city they want to visit? Have they mentioned how their coffee table is missing something to tie everything together? Are they itching for a new fictional world to dive into? There’s a book out there for everyone, as well as some great book stores too. Try Planet Books in Mount Lawley and Northbridge, one of the many Elizabeth’s Bookshops, Crow Books in East Vic Park, or hit up your local.


There you have it! Some pretty special presents for a pretty special someone! Let us know by commenting below if you choose any of those we’ve shared- we would love to know if they love it!

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