There is nothing as good as sitting on the balcony at Geordie Bay (Rottnest) with a cold Gin and Tonic watching the colour of the sky change and the waves lap on the beach.  The word gin comes from the Latin word juniper: juniperus and has come a long way since its medicinal beginnings. Distilleries have added spices, botanicals and fruit flavours to create our current generation of Gins. 

There are a multitude of fashionable Gin cocktails available, but we are on the search for the best Gin and Tonic in Western Australia. Distilleries are brewing up Gin creations from Kununurra in the north to Esperance in the south. 

Common garnishes that worked really well are grapefruit, rosemary and strawberries. The burnt thyme at Frisk was quite unusual but tweaked our senses. And that is the thing about gin and tonics: it’s all in the aromatics.

Governor’s Bar Rottnest (Between Rottnest Hotel and Samphire) 

While we are talking about G&Ts at Rotto, sitting back next to the Beach Bar watching the ferry of day trippers leave is a great feeling. The range of gin was large, but I chose a West Wind Wild Plum gin. 

Check it out here.

Republic of Fremantle

The Republic distils its own pastel range of two gins and one vodka. For the full gin experience join the Gin School to create your own botanical signature and distil your own gin at the mini still. 

The best way we found to taste their gin is as a gin flight. We got a shot of each liquor and a range of tonics and garnishes. Usually I like a aromatic gin, but the Republics Full Bodied Gin was my fave.

Check it out here.

The Flour Factory

The drawcard at the Flour Factory on Queen Street is the Gin wheel and the Gin cocktail tree. Spin the wheel to help choose which of the 25 gins will be for you or choose from the five Gin and Tonicas. Go with your squad and get a Gin Tree of six or nine G&Ts. 

From 5-6pm they have Gin Happy Hour with $10 gin-based drinks. We loved that the G&Ts were served in Spanish Gin Goblets. 

Check it out here.

Frisk Small Bar

Boasting the largest gin selection in Perth, the three-page list of gin bottles was quite extensive. In the end we chose from the Sin Gin 7 deadly sins. When the range is so large it was great to have suggestions from the bar staff. Our deadly sins -Sloth and Gluttony. Frisk in on Francis Street Northbridge.

Check it out here.

Margaret River Distillery

Margaret River Distillery is the perfect mix of distillery and gin bar. Nestled in the peppermint tree forest just off Carter Road, sitting on the balcony having a botanical gin and tonic is pure bliss. The Giniversity (great name) teaches us about gin and taste test a few varieties. They make London Dry, Botanical, Australian Native and Pink Gins to go with premium tonic. 

Although a little off topic, there Ginniflower cocktail with elderflower is amazing. 

Check it out here.

From one end of the state to the other..

Plus we are giving a shout out to the distilleries in our far reaching north and south: Argyle Gin from the Hoochery up north in Kununurra and the Esperance Distillery Co on the south coast. What better reason for a road trip.

Check them out here.

So there you have it! Our list of the best Gins in WA. Do you have a favourite Gin? Let us know by tagging #perthhappenings when you post about it.

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