If someone asked me which one make up product I would rely on to transform someone, hands down I would say lashes. And if that same person asked me which make up product I have spent the most money on in all my years of painting my face, again, the answer would have to be lashes!

I’ve been on stage since the age of 3, and while I was of course not wearing lashes until a few years later, that’s still twent… ah, ahhem, cough cough … such and such a number of years that I’ve been glueing lashes of all sorts of descriptions to my eyes. You name it, I’ve worn them – feather lashes, shimmer tinsel lashes, diamante lashes, fluro lashes, lashes that are far too big for my face, cheap lashes, expensive lashes, lash extensions… the list goes on. And this wasn’t just on stage. I have always been completely obsessed with the power of makeup, and with every day being a fresh chance to create something new, I spent many years in a full face of makeup every day sporting some sort of lash.

Needless to say, the constant application of lash glue to my own poor lashes began to take its toll. So now they are reserved for shows and special occasions only. Or so I thought…

Perth’s LOCAL solution – Amaia Lashes

Enter; Amaia Lashes. An up and coming Perth business who is half a mile ahead of the game in the lash world. Owner Ann burst onto the scene with her signature products – the magnetic eyeliner and complementing magnetic lashes. The liner is black which helps to blend the band of the magnetic lashes seamlessly. And are you ready for the even better news? Amaia magnetic lashes come in THIRTEEN different styles! There’s a natural range, a semi-glam range and a full glam range…(we all know where I reside on this spectrum). The magnetic liner and lashes, like all Amaia Lashes products, are vegan and animal cruelty free… so naturally we just fell a little bit more in love with them.

Now I can hear you already – you’ve been down the magnetic lashes route before and it was a difficult, finicky ‘all thumbs’ kinda moment. Trust me I’ve been there too, I am not your standard magnetic lash fan, I’ve experienced many that are far more trouble to apply than they are worth. But here is where the drama stops – the Amaia magnetic liner is a game changer and completely eliminates the need for two sets of magnets and all that messing about close to your eye. In all my years of lash application, I have never managed the exercise so quickly and easily. Once on, I was amazed at how secure the lashes were – I spent all evening in them and completely forgot I was wearing them at all!


And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, let me introduce you to Amaia Magic Eyeliner! No magnets, no glue… just magic. This product works with ANY strip lashes on the market, removing the need for all that glue. Glue that we know undoubtedly results in the loss of a few of your natural lashes when you get home after a few Aperols and tug at your falsies, before leaving them lying around the house like little caterpillars… (Guilty). The Magic Liner comes in black for a denser look as well as clear for a lighter day look. It is quick drying, water resistant and doesn’t mess up your eye shadow work upon application – wins all around!

Instagram: @amaia_lashes

Feature Image Credit: Amaia Lashes Facebook

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