Case Study

Licentious: An Exploration of the Erotic


The objective for “An Exploration of the Erotic: Licentious” was to magnify its presence and increase ticket sales for their upcoming Fringe World show, positioning the show as an unmissable attraction in Perth’s Fringe World calendar. 

Provided Solution:

Our collaboration unfolded through a powerful blend of digital storytelling and strategy:


  • A compelling feature article consisting of a captivating interview with Mya Tension delving into the intimate world of ‘Licentious.’
  • Our dynamic Lightning Promo Bundle.
    • An Instagram post that teased the senses and sparked curiosity.
    • An evocative Instagram Reel that offered a tantalizing glimpse into the show’s allure.
    • A trio of Instagram Stories that built momentum and enticed viewer interaction.

Enhanced by strategic posts and stories, the campaign maximized exposure, drawing audiences into the thrilling world of ‘Licentious’ and spotlighting it as a must-see event. Resulting in their final 3 shows out of 7 being sold out, even after increasing the venues seating capacity.


Over the course of 7 days, our targeted campaign generated staggering results.

The crescendo of this campaign? The final three performances were completely sold out, a feat that followed an increase in venue capacity to accommodate the surging demand. This case stands as a testament to the power of strategic digital marketing in transforming potential into palpable success.


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