Lightning Promo Bundle

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Elevate your event or business visibility instantly with our exclusive Lightning Promo Bundle. This dynamic package combines the power of Instagram and Facebook to deliver impactful, timely promotion that sticks!

Pinned Instagram Post 

Anchor your presence on Instagram for a full week with our Pinned Post service. For three days, your content is pinned to the top of our profile, capturing the undivided attention of our engaged audience of 66,500 followers. It’s prime digital real estate at a value that cannot be beaten.

Instagram Story Set (3)

Maximize visibility with a set of three strategically crafted Instagram stories. Tell your story in a sequence designed to entice and engage. With each story expiring after 24 hours, this creates a sense of urgency and encourages swift action from viewers.

Facebook Post

Benefit from the extensive reach of 34,670 followers in our Facebook community with a dedicated post. Your message will be seamlessly integrated into our curated content, resonating with viewers, and expanding your digital footprint.

Facebook Cover Image Spotlight

Dominate the Perth Happenings Facebook page with the most prestigious placement we offer. Your custom image will grace our cover photo slot for an entire week, ensuring every visitor encounters your brand first thing. It’s the digital equivalent of a billboard atop the city’s busiest intersection.

With content posted within 24 hours of receiving your brief, the Lightning Promo Bundle ensures your message isn’t just heard — it’s seen, saved, and shared. Strike while the buzz is hot and watch as Perth Happenings lights up your promotional efforts like never before.

Not available during Fringe


Step Up Your Game Now!

Got your content ready? Send it through and let’s get your business buzzing! With the Perth Happenings Lightning Promo Bundle, it’s your time to shine on the social stage.

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