Father Hooroo will rock your world.

This is 55 minutes of mind blowing cult status comedy.

Perth local comedian Matt Storer brings something to the stage that is completely different. A Cult for You is one part reality TV (sadly), one part musical theatre and two parts comedy.

Storer is without doubt one of Perth’s best comedians. No matter what was thrown at him, this comic controlled the narrative, was exceptionally quick witted and utilised everything for a solid laugh.

It is safe to say that from the moment Father Hooroo walked in the Library the audience was ready to be converted. Every moment constructed was silly and engaging but with serious undertones of the human race and how easily we can be manipulated. Very clever writing.

This is a hit specifically with the Perth audiences due to religious praise provided for a long standing local media icon. This god-like figure provided almost omniscient input into the show. With a direct connection to “God,” Father Hooroo uses some very interesting props to showcase the connection, and the miracles that show his ‘god-like’ status.

Overall the ability to provide comedy on multiple levels, in one joke, shows absolute comic genius. This show is silly, it is ridiculous. You can enjoy it and leave your worries at the door, or you can see it with social commentary it is.

You can join in and be one of the Father’s wives, you can sit silent in your seat. The choice is yours.

I have not enjoyed a comedy show as much as this before. There is a reason A Cult for You was an award winner in 2020. Fabulously delivered, ensure you see one of Matt Storer’s shows this Fringe Season – feed your soul.

WHERE: The Library at Girls School

WHEN: Runs until 30th January at 9:30 pm

TICKETS: A Cult For You | FRINGE WORLD Festival