If you have yet to say hello to the Giants of Mandurah, now is the time!

This impressive nature display by renowned Danish artist Thomas Dambo is a MUST do this year. Featuring five majestic giants hand crafted by recycled wood, this Australian-first unique exhibition is free to all who visit them!

Here are some Tips to help you on your hunt to find the Giants of Mandurah:

■ Begin your journey at the Mandurah Visitors Centre (75 Mandurah Terrace) to collect your free map and booklet. The booklet has QR codes with Google Map coordinates that will take you to the closest car park where a Giant is located.

■ There is only one Giant without a QR code, and that is Jyttes Hytte. He is the last to find and is hidden in a ‘Secret Location’ somewhere in Mandurah. You can not begin to find him until you find the other three Giants – Little Lui, Seba and Santi Ikto – first. Will explain more further below.

■ When you arrive at the carpark, look for tall wooden posts with the giants name on it. The posts will also have information about your trek. Use the map in the booklet to start your journey, looking out for square tags (often nailed onto tree trunks) with arrows on it pointing you in the right direction.

■ If you’re hiking with children, I recommend you begin with Little Lui. Of the three giants to do first, Lui has the longest hike – about 45-60mins (return trip). Getting it “out of the way” can motivate kids to later do the other hikes because those ones are shorter (20-30mins return).

■ Some tracks have ZERO shade, so hats and sunscreen are needed! I would also recommend insect repellent as some areas are more prone to mosquitoes.

■ Respect the giants. Although some can be climbed and touching of the artwork is allowed, please do not mark or damage these beautiful giants in any way.

■ Be courteous of others also there to admire the artwork. Move your kids out of the way if you see folks trying to take a family portrait. Offer to take a photo for others.

Giants of Mandurah

■ GOOD walking shoes are a must! The tracks are not always bitumen or hard surface. Some tracks have slopes and sandy paths. You’ll be walking A LOT, so make sure your feet are comfortable.

■ Seba the Giant is sitting on rocks by the sea facing outwards. You may be tempted to climb down the rocks so that you can take a photo of the giant from the front. This is not recommended because the rocks are uneven and slippery. Please be careful.

■ To find Jyttes, you need to find symbols (in the form of necklaces) on the other giants, then return to the Mandurah Visitors Centre where the clues will help you find the “secret location”. Unfortunately, one of the giants – Vivi – burnt down, including her symbol. The lovely people who work at the Visitors Centre will tell you what that symbol was.

■ Jyttes – the Giant in the ‘Secret Location’ – has the toughest and longest trek of them all. It’s about 3.5km and will take about one hour (return trip). Dont forget your water bottles, hats and sunscreen! You’ll see many spiders on the hike, but they are harmless if you do not disturb them. Don’t forget to follow the arrows that will point you in the right direction to find Jyttes.

■ Dogs on leashes are welcomed, except on the hike and location for Jyttes.

■ There’s one EASY Giant to be found at the Subiaco Arts Centre. His name is Billie Bob, and he would be a good one to go see first with the family (before you head down to Mandurah) to give the kids a teaser of what the other giants will look like.

■ The journey to find the giants can be done in one day (if you start early), but it is recommended, if you have little ones, to stretch the adventure over a few days (perhaps look for Jyttes on another day).

■ Once you find the giants, keep their locations a Secret! You can give others tips to help their journey, but let them have their own fabulous quest to find them.

The hunt for the Giants of Mandurah is on now, every day, until November this year! It’s a wonderful outdoor adventure for you and the whole family, and while you’re down there, be sure to see what else the lovely city of Mandurah had to offer.


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