I bet you weren’t expecting to read an article with this title after the year we’ve had.

For the last decade, Perth has been dazzled by local, national and international talent at Fringe World Festival. I’ve been popping over from London for the last five years.

You probably thought you’d lost your chance to see your international faves at Fringe World in 2021, but don’t worry, a few of us snuck in before the borders closed and have been hiding out somewhere between the CBD and City Beach ever since (we tried hiding in Joondalup but there were too many Brits already there..)

With new shows being released right up until the festival begins on 15th January, here’s a comprehensive, but probably not complete list of the shows from around the world that I recommend at this year’s fringe..

Andrew Silverwood: “Tea”

If I didn’t start with my own show you’d be suspicious. I’ve had a long time of “fun-employment” in 2020 to write the follow up to my 2020 show “Call me Janice” and the preview bits I’ve done around Perth have been really well received. So feel free to check out my show if you’d like to hear the story about how Elton John ruined my birthday, the time I went to the wrong funeral and my newfound belief that a bad massage could fix most global issues..

Like, seriously, I have a big venue to fill. Come see this.

15th-25th January, The Woodside Pleasure Garden


The clue’s in the name, and full disclosure, this is also my show. I have a late night bingo show that’s British themed and stoopid funny. 4 rounds of Bingo and an audience member takes home $100. Oh and I modernised the game and threw in some singalongs and bits.

15th-23rd January, Friday & Saturday, The Woodside Pleasure Garden

James Hancox: Action

James and I actually moved to Perth at the same time, but I’d seen him on the telly back in Blighty before we’d even met. His new show is a sketch comedy where he tries to reproduce some films he’s been in or wanted to be in live on stage.

15th-31st January, Girls School

Ten Things I Hate About Taming of the Shrew

My mate Gillian just married a guy and moved to Hobart (I don’t know why either). But this gloriously intelligent foul mouthed Canadian is coming back to Perth with a little romp through all the problematic things she can find in cinemagraphic Shakespeare adaptations.

5th-14th February, Various Venues

Farm Backpacker (Subclass 417)

As the name suggests, Taka Wakasugi came to WA as a backpacker and this is a show all about farm life. It sounds both horrific and hilarious! I’ve done a couple of gigs (and a podcast) with this lovely Japanese man, so I know his new show will be full of funny.

Laugh Resort at the Shoe Bar, 12-14th February


Few men are as warm to talk to offstage as they are onstage, but scouser Jon Pinno is one of them. He’s paired up with super mumsy Gill “The Scottish Terrier” for an hour of contemplating about what really makes us happy.

21st January – 12th February, Thursday & Friday, The Cheeky Sparrow

Good Dick Energy

If you like your comedy fast paced and difficult to understand because of the thick Scottish accent, then Grant Mushet might be your guy. I’ve done gigs in Perth with this fella for a few years now and I’ve never seen him drop the ball. His debut hour show boasts “not for the middle class.”

15th January – 14th Feb, The Craft Beer & Cider Cafe

80s Mixtape

In case you wanted more than comedy, I thought I’d finish up with an internationally built circus show. Originally from Dorset, England, director Maisie Hughes teams up with London born Choreographer Sherryl Stewart, to bring together a huge cast of 18 national and international performers from France, Spain and the UK. It’s also 80s themed with fire, aerial and hoop routines galore. Oh and I’ll nip in at some point to dance to Footloose and introduce the acts..

27th January – 7th February, The Woodside Pleasure Garden

About Andrew Silverwood

In case you’re wondering.. I’m  British born comedian and MC that’s been racking up critical acclaim and awards around the UK, EU and Australia since 2012. My first show at Fringe World was My First Ten Sexual Failures and Other Stories About Growing Up. I’ve sold out shows in Perth, Adelaide, Edinburgh, Gothenburg, London and Prague.

Catch me in Andrew Silverwood: Tea , 9:20pm 15-25 Jan, Britingo, 11:10pm 15/16/22/23 Jan or 80s Mixtape, 7:40pm 27 Jan-7 Feb, all at the Woodside Pleasure Garden.

And if this is still not enough Fringe- head to the Perth Happenings dedicated Fringe World 2021 page here!