“On a recent tropical getaway, Yok & Sheryo were out looking for surf when distant clouds parted revealing a volcanic peak on the horizon. The ocean current shifted and a perfect swell carried the carefree pair to the pristine shores of Yeahnahnesia. Peeling back the large tropical foliage, Yok & Sheryo left their real-world responsibilities behind and stepped into an enchanted realm rich in culture and folklore. As though the island divined their love of surfing and drew them in, Yok & Sheryo’s search for the perfect wave brought them to a haven of temples and totems layered with fantastic and familiar icons.” – Isobel Wise

Yok & Sheryo: Psychotropic Snail
Yok & Sheryo: Psychotropic Snail

Sounds fun. And art should be fun.

Yok and Sheryo are based between New York, Asia and Australia and the artist’s new show invites Perth into their fantastic imagined world with a series of artefacts discovered somewhere between the backs of their minds and a chilled out ficticious island called Yeahnahnesia.

It stems from the artist’s roots and is inspired by Asia, fused with that laid back surf lifestyle of Australian summers. The art is a little bit playful and not always suitable for work. check out this Palm Tree Boner tool, for example.

Yeahnahnasia Yok & Sheryo: Palm Tree Boner Tool
Yok & Sheryo: Palm Tree Boner Tool

At the centre of the gallery you’ll meet the creatures of Yeahnahnesia including the blinged out Platynaggy Guardians and the Sausage Cat Guardians, who bring good news.

It all sounds a little bit silly and a whole lot fun. No doubt the guests that will get the most from the experience are those that truly immerse themselves in this history museum like gallery of artefacts and items from the mystical word that is Yeahnahnesia.

Yeahnahnesia at the Art Gallery of West Australia

Perth Cultural Centre
Perth, WA 6000

23rd November 2022-26th March 2023


Entry is free.

For more information and sneaky peaks of the treasures on show, check out the gallery website.

Looking for a magical getaway but don’t know the way to Yeahnahnesia, have you tried swimming with whale sharks?