Fun fact, my favourite thing about everyone I meet is their smile. Each one is so completely unique and watching someone’s entire face light up when a grin creeps across it is one of the most accidentally vulnerable moments in human connection. Long story short… smiles are my fave.

My other fave – Winter. Yep, I love it. Getting all rugged up, drinking mulled wine, layering amazing fashion… All. The. Fireplaces. However, my smile is not a lover of the chilly months. Dry lips are the first Winter beauty bug to kick in for me… all that extra time spent around heaters which, while cosy, completely dry you out. Add to that the fact that I manage to replace most of my water intake with tea and the poor buggers are left dehydrated and on the verge of cracking before I know it.

But! That was years ago. More recently I’ve become (somewhat) obsessed with lip care. Of course I have the standard handbag lip balm and car lip balm… but it doesn’t stop there. I keep one on my bedside table, one within arms reach of the sofa, and one at work. Judge me not, I beg you – because it’s been years since I had cracked lips and I owe it all to a bit of organised self care, and a few key products.

Here are some of my top lip care products that have been by my side for years, as well as a couple of new recruits:

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream
Invest in it. It lasts forever, it a multi-use product, and I will never stop spruiking it. I’m 10 years deep into my love affair with this product and I’ve never looked back. Generously swipe onto your lips before bed to wake up to a moisturised smile. Shop at Myer or David Jones.

Frank Bod Sugar lip Scrub
A sugar lip scrub will forever be a staple in my lipstick drawer. I can’t remember the last time I went to do a full face of makeup for an event without first scrubbing my lips and dousing them in balm to make sure they’re ready for lipstick. If this isn’t something you currently do and you, like me, are a lipstick lover, give it a go. Hand on heart it will change the way you apply lipstick forever. Shop here.

Vaseline Rosy Lips
This is my handbag lip balm. I discovered it by accident when I was caught off guard without any a few years back and I borrowed it from a pal. It’s been a game changer for my day to day lip care ever since. I absolutely adore the way it brings out the natural pink in my lips, and it will forever be my favourite ‘no makeup’ lip product. Available at Priceline.

By Terry Baume de Rose
One of the most luxurious lip products I own. A little stickier than any of the others, and it is much glossier too. Use it alone or on top of lipstick to avoid your lip colour from drying and cracking. Available at Mecca.

The Bee Sitters Peppermint Balm
Now I personally love a pretty heavy product and, for want of a better word – ‘goopy’… mainly because my lips seem to absorb it all up so quickly. However, if you are blessed with lips that only need minimal product to look and feel hydrated, (*cough* not fair), this little pot of natural, eco-friendly goodness is for you. Bonus points for the peppermint addition which makes your liups feel all nice and tingly. Shop and learn more about this local Perth business here!

Marina’s Ambrosia Vitamin E Lip Balm
A new discovery for me – this is another great natural product made right here in Perth. It comes in a lipstick bullet so super easy and mess free application when you’re on the go. I can’t get enough of the moisturised, buttery feel it leaves on your lips. One application lasts hours! Purchase direct here to support a Perth business!

Look after those kissers this Winter! A little self-care goes a long way…