Experiencing “Wet” at the Perth Fringe Festival was truly eye-opening. From the moment it began, I found myself on an emotional rollercoaster—laughing one minute, tears streaming down my face the next. It was not merely a show; it was a powerful journey through the highs and lows of the female experience, resonating deeply with my heart and personal experiences.

As someone who advocates for women finding their strength, particularly mothers who’ve faced challenges, this performance was a revelation. It struck me like a bolt of lightning, instilling a profound sense of empowerment that resonated on a personal level. The five remarkable women on stage fearlessly addressed topics society often shies away from, including menstruation, mastication, and sensitive subjects. Their words spoke directly to my soul.

I strongly believe that this show is not exclusively for women; it’s a must-see for everyone—brothers, fathers, and the entire family. Taking my mother along, we shared several memorable moments. “Wet” serves as a crash course in empathy, understanding, and the inherent power we possess, often stifled by societal expectations.

In my role as a mum’s empowerment coach, breaking free from societal expectations is a core focus, and “Wet” was a masterclass in achieving just that. The performance went beyond entertainment; it educated, inspired, and liberated. Addressing women’s anatomy, societal pressures, and celebrating our power unabashedly was nothing short of revolutionary.

Throughout my years of coaching and embracing womanhood, I’ve never felt more seen, understood, and inspired to spread the message of female strength. “Wet” is more than a performance; it’s a movement, a rallying call for all of us to embrace our power, challenge norms, and rise together. If given the opportunity, don’t just walk to see it—run. This show is truly transformative.

Unfortunately this show will end for the Fringe on 4th Feb! Keep an eye out for them next year if you can’t get to see it this year!