4.5 star Fringe Show review

Ragnar and Ulf are on a quest to find the God Thor’s mighty hammer. It is an epic journey that only the toughest and bravest Vikings will be able to withstand, if only they can stop bickering long enough to actually look for the hammer!

This show combines Vikings, acrobatics, and comedy, need I say more? The kids will absolutely love this hilarious performance as they travel with Ragnar and Ulf across the high seas and figure out together what they really need to make their journey succeed.

Although I was aware that the show included Vikings (great for my 3 year old) and acrobatics (great for me), I was really blown away by the talent of the performers. I mean, have you ever seen a Viking juggling apples or elegantly twirling through the air? I know I haven’t! There was such a perfect mix of acting, comedy and acrobatics that even the youngest of audience members were captivated for the whole show. The only time my son tried to leave was when the Vikings were sailing on a boat, and he wanted to jump in with them!

The storyline itself was easy to follow and the dialogue was light and engaging for the kids, plus it included a few jokes aimed at the grown-up members of the audience, which is always a bit of fun for the parents. The set worked really well with the show (did I mention there was a boat!?) and special shout out to the stage assistant who added to the fun and light-heartedness of the performance.

If you’re after a show to entertain the whole family, here it is! Vikings! Offers something for everyone and is just the thing you need for a fun family day out at Fringe. With limited shows this February, you better summersault in quick before you miss out!


Who: Suitable for all audiences

Where: The Gold Digger at The Pleasure Garden

When: 11-12th and 18-19th February 2023

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Vikings review