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By Anastasia Antrobus

I won’t lie to you… I’ve never really been a massive fan of comedians. I honestly haven’t been able to find many that make me laugh but last night, Troy Hawke in his ‘Tiles of the Unexpected’ Fringe performance, managed to get more than just a few giggles out of me! Being a hit at Perth’s 2019 Fringe, this year Troy Hawke puts Swedish furniture giant IKEA under the microscope while comparing people to fruit (so on point too) and using scrabble points to make audience members feel like 6’s & 10’s. Original and witty, he brought boundless laughs to an audience of all ages. In fact, there was one lady, Elayne, who became beside herself with laughter the more Troy dove into his act and in tow, had us all in fits of laughter throughout the evening.

Clever, inventive and creative are just a few words to describe the show Troy brings to the stage. I was utterly engrossed in his presence. He not only owned the stage, making it his own, but he also effectively included numerous audience members into his performance. He remembered them all by name (there were more than just a few he interacted with) which is impressive in itself, while going that extra mile nailing some of their accents too! His take on a Scottish accent was easily my favourite but he managed a French, Liverpool, English & Aussie accent (among others) with absolute ease. Fairly remarkable if you ask me!

Troy glided through his performance seamlessly. From the moment he opened his mouth and began his dialogue to his closing line, he had us hooked, transitioning between jokes effortlessly. His inventiveness surrounding his work deserves to be commended. The art of his ‘IKEA’ comical act was absolutely batty but oh so fabulously funny! People were covering their mouth’s trying to hold their laughs in while others were nodding furiously in agreement and applauding his quick-wit. Troy was quick to comment ‘uncover your mouths. Give me what I have worked so hard for. Give me what I deserve!’ Vigorous and quick at every turn.

The ‘IKEA” brilliance aside, I thoroughly enjoyed Troy’s relation with people to fruit and vegetables. Peaches are a fruit I easily love but will now not be able to look at the same as they are explained as ‘a sweet and lovely fruit on the outside but on the inside is their hard shell possibly filled with cyanide, just like some people.’ The more he got into it, the louder the laughs got and the more I found myself losing it in agreement. Ingenious really!

Troy Hawke is as bright as he is brilliant! As sharp as he is charming. His personality and performance shines on stage making it easy for audiences to be engulfed in his show. In a canny manner he delivers a clever and creative production that all ages can relate to. He is bold and thinks 100% outside the box; using fruit to describe people and scrabble points to rate individuals, Troy deserved all the applause he got! I cannot wait to see what he brings to the Fringe stage in 2021!

Duration: 60 minutes

Venue: Red Room at Brass Monkey Hotel

Suitability and warnings: 18+ (restricted)

Season: 17th January - 16th February 2020

Purchase tickets here