A simple delicacy that is a hearty and easily shared – definitely a long time favourite of mine and my family.

Lets be honest not all pizzas are created equal – they must have key elements to make them great. Fresh ingredients, generous well thought out toppings but most importantly an amazing base to hold all that goodness.

With this said I introduce Trigg Pizza Stirling. I went to try out this Perth locally owned and run business that has been creating mouth-watering slices for the locals for years now. The pizzas are light, crispy and they do a range of delicious topping combinations: even doing half and half pizzas to give you the best of two worlds and accommodate all tastes – like our anchovy lovers vs the anchovy haters.

I walked into the aroma of melted cheese and warm bread. I found out that they actually make the dough for the pizzas themselves in-store on the premises every day! It’s the same secret recipe passed down from the original owner from when he was making pizzas back in his home town in Italy.

The family and I decided to go with the Trigg Island Special, a Supreme and a half and a half – because my husband and I are pineapples on pizza lovers and our kids are not. I’ve seen so many online debates about pineapple on pizza, so the half/half suited us perfectly!

I couldn’t help myself and ordered us a special treat, one of their dessert pizzas to have after. Trigg Stirling Pizza also do a Gluten-free base – which I tried myself. It was amazing! It was crispy with a great texture looked and tasted incredible. I have tried many a gluten-free pizza base and nothing has measured up to Trigg Pizza’s – in fact I couldn’t even tell it was gluten-free at all and that’s really saying something!

Do you have a sweet tooth or feel like finishing off the night with dessert? Trigg Pizza Stirling has got you covered with the dessert Pizza. Think that special fresh pizza base with a chocolate sauce, white and choc buttons, mini marshmallows, raspberries and finished with a drizzle of salted caramel sauce. We added a sneaky scoop of vanilla ice-cream to ours when we got home – it was a chocolate lovers heaven.

The pizzas are really well priced and are a good size. We ordered 3 large for our family of 5 and it was MORE than enough considering that we just HAD to squeeze in a slice of our amazing dessert pizza.

Sarah the owner was cooking that evening. She was warm and inviting to every person that entered the store, knowing some locals by name. For an incredible pizza North of the river – I would definitely recommend trying them out. I myself will be back soon!

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Rose @roseoates_


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