Join Captain Spaceship (Esther Longhurst) and her crew of intergalactic riff-raff this February as they travel through time and space exploring the cosmos, discovering new uncharted worlds and narrowly avoid copyright infringement.

Captain Spaceship, created by Weeping Spoon Productions, is a cult sci-fi improv hit inspired by 1950’s Sci-fi serials, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Firefly, Red Dwarf and 90210 that will be taking Fringe World by storm this February.

Weeping Spoon Productions is an international multi-award winning independent theatre company based in Perth, Western Australia. Co-founded by a group of professionally trained actors, Weeping Spoon Productions has become one of the most prolific theatre companies in Perth.

Weeping Spoon’s ongoing mission is to create challenging, exciting, and innovative works for production in Western Australia and tour these productions throughout Australia and Overseas.

Captain Spaceship is a cult-hit improvised Sci-fi show that was created in Canada and developed by Perth’s own Just For Laughs Award Winning Shane Adamczak, and some of Canada’s best improvisers including members of Second City, Uncalled For, Montreal Improv, and Sex T-Rex.

Described as ‘an untameable extravaganza filled to the gills with sci-fi nerdiness, comedy, and raw humanity’ by Fringe Feed, the show is perfect for Perth sci-fi and comedy fans alike.

In Renegades, the Captain and her crew will make up their ongoing epic adventures live onstage aided by the audience’s suggestions.

The show features members of Perth’s own improv-comedy institution The Big HOO-HAA! Including Shane Adamczak, Daniel Buckle, Esther Longhurts, Hannah Rice, Brett Cullen and live music by Alwyn Nixon-Lloyd.

The cast could end up anywhere and anyWHEN and will have only their sharp improv skills, some cheap costumes and maybe some lasers to defend themselves.

Captain Spaceship Renegades will run as part of Fringe World 2021 from February 3-14 at Girls School.

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