Top ISO Friend Date Ideas for Every Type of Millennial

Top ISO Friend Date Ideas for Every Type of Millennial

If ISO has taught us anything, it’s how to get creative with our free time. And now that we can finally see more of our mates, it feels like having catch-ups with our closest is well overdue. Use the guide below to find your perfect ISO friend date idea match – because getting coffee and cake is SO 2019.


The Creative – art is your go-to boredom buster.

There are heaps of local Aussie businesses who have really thrived during ISO, coming out with packs, kits and sets on how to create something super funky and unique. Get your closest pals together for a craft day – where everyone can do something different or you can do something together.

Aussie craft kit suggestions:

Crockd DIY Pottery Kit – Create whatever your heart desires from clay.

Little Paint Co – Paint your own ceramics.

Open Hands Creative – Kits for just about everything from flower pressing to wax wrap making.

Open Hands Creative



The Foodie – you dream about food and cooking 24/7.

Use the cooking skills I’m sure you’ve mastered in ISO to create something super special for your friends, by inviting them over for dinner at your restaurant (AKA your dining room). Log into Canva (it’s free) and create a tailored menu from your fave recipes and print it out. Grab some cheap tablecloth material from Spotlight and set up your living room with candles, cutlery, crockery and glassware. Get cooking and voila! You could even host a “Masterclass” if your skills are up to scratch.


The Gamer – you’re a strategic thinker and competitive AF.

Are you not keen to venture out of the house just yet (because you know, germs!)? Host a games night at your place and whip out your fave games. GamesworldBig W and Kmart have a wide range of games if you need to stock up. My personal game recommendations include: Scrawl (it’s like Chinese whispers crossed with Pictionary), You’ve Got Crabs (not what it sounds like) Throw Throw Burrito (throw squishy burritos at your friends) and Taboo (bring out your competitiveness).



The Sporty One – your most committed relationship is with your gym.

Channel your inner #fitspo and get your closest together for a bootcamp like no other, complete with a workout schedule and plenty of time afterwards to grab a coffee (or one of those green health juices). Make sure to create a personalised workout playlist chock full of bangerz to get everyone pumped up and scout for the perfect outdoors location. It’s time to shred!


If you try one of our friend date ideas or come up with an idea of your own, make sure to tag us at #perthhappenings for your chance to be featured on our socials! And remember to stay safe whilst things get back to our new normal.