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You say potato – I say revolution!

The opening night of Tony Galati the Musical at the Girls School was an epic spectacular chock-full of Perth puns, witty musical numbers and the (slightly fictional) recount of the case of Tony Galati vs The Potato Corporation. The five cast show including an animated singing potato – plus three very talented live musicians – had a dynamic chemistry, where you could really see their familiarity with one another and hours of practice put in to perfect their routines.

The musical follows the Galati family as they travel from their hometown of Italy to the West Coast of Australia, landing in little old Perth. From there, the characters recount the Galati’s families struggle to share their fresh, locally-grown veggies at fair prices as the Potato Corporation tries to stop them in their tracks. With plenty of toe-tapping songs, Tony Galati the Musical is a feel-good show that highlights the importance of standing up for what’s right, and that ‘You have to be different to make a difference.”

As comes with opening night, there were a few hilarious mishaps and towards the end of the show, a slight issue with some of the microphones. Due to the sweltering 37 degree heat, Tony Galati’s infamous eyebrows sweated off within the first ten minutes of showtime, making for a slightly-less-angry-looking Tony. And whilst the brows are arguably one of the most important characteristics of the show – watching the actors struggling to hold in their laughs had the crowd in stitches.

As someone who has never even stepped foot inside a Spudshed before (I know, I’m crazy!), Tony Galati the Musical has made me want to see what all the fuss is about – plus they gave out vouchers at the end for a free 4kg bag of spuds. It has been one of my favourite Fringe shows so far of the season, and is the perfect Aussie story about rooting for the underdog and for what’s right!


Duration: 60 min

Venue: Girls School

Suitability and warnings: All ages

Daily until February 15

See Show Listing here