With no expectations and or any knowledge of what the show was about, Tod Talks at Perth Fringe World 2023 was a pleasant surprise.

It takes a brave soul to get on stage, but to get on stage with absolutely no idea what the topic you’ll be presenting on or talking about is, is utter madness!!

All the performers did an amazing job with many laughs to be had. I was in awe and found myself constantly trying to think of what I would have said, how I would have handled what was thrown at me. I came up blank while these talented individuals spewed out story after amazing and hilarious story.

If you enjoy taking a wild ride with an unknown, but hilarious destination, TOD Talks is for you.

So much fun, and well worth experiencing. Especially if you love Ted Talks and appreciate humour. I have always admired improvisation but this has certainly taken that appreciation to a whole new level! Loved it!


TOD Talks

Where: Studio Underground at State Theatre Centre of WA

When: 20 Jan – 25 Jan 2023

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By Helen Vogiatzakis


Tod talks fringe review 2023