The Underground is filled with latin vibes, a live drummer and some of the hottest dancers you’ll find in Perth. If you are a fan of smooth music and talent oozing from every dancer, then the Underground is for you!

The brain child of E•ly•sian Creative, The Underground was started as a COVID-19 project connecting dancers from around the world during isolation. There was so much love for the vibes that the company has continued growing since. E•ly•sian Creative is debuting their first Fringe World show in 2021.

Having seen some of the performers before on large stages in big performances, I knew there would be amazing music and a show that would wow the crowd.

Each dancer had very obvious individual strengths and the audience work was well planned. The latin dancing vibes were provided by some incredibly sexy dancing, flirting and cheekiness within each dance and some very strong routines. The Underground started with a strong vocal performance that set the mood.

A highlight of the night was the talented drummer who really enhanced the live experience. Although the venue size did not really allow for the drums to be an addition rather than a focus, it was easy to see how much he loved his music, which is hard not to enjoy being a part of.

Then there was MC, Mr Dave Callan, comedy genius, who effortlessly made the audience laugh. Callan comments in the show that he is a bit of a surprise in a latin show, but not one the audience minded at all.

In a show with so much obvious talent it is difficult to share criticism, but an MC in this act may have been used to build the storyline. It was hard to know who the dancers were and why each song was chosen. As I mentioned there were very strong routines that had the audience cheering, however many of the moves, although sexy and on point for a Latin theme, were very repetitive, and the interactions between the cast became a bit predictable.

I would love to see ‘The Underground’ performed on a large stage with space for the dancers to move and shake, be heard, and do what they do best. Keep an eye out for E•ly•sian Creative, great things are ahead.

the underground review - 3 stars

WHERE: The Girls’ School

Season has now ended.

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