As Christmas rolls around (where did 2020 even go?!) the time has come to put up the tree, deck the halls and start stopping outside houses to see their overly embellished lights. But every year I go through the same struggle of trying to find my mum a unique gift. And every year I turn to the same stores and buy her virtually the same things! If my struggle is your struggle and you want to get your mum something a bit more out of the ordinary, then check out our local guide on what to gift your mum for Christmas!

Local Markets

Markets are a great source for gifts year round but during Christmas, they come out in full swing with unique trinkets and useful household items that mums are sure to love! If your mum is a lover of all things bath soaps, scented candles and air diffusers, then visiting a market will help you find exactly what you need. Market stalls will put a funky spin on the usual gifts by giving them a bespoke craftsmanship feel!

One popular market sure not to disappoint this Christmas season is Perth Upmarket or its seasonal equivalent, Christmas Upmarket and the Fremantle Arts Centre’s Bazaar. Christmas Upmarket have items such as ceramics, prints, handbags and home and garden ornaments and gadgets for sale. They’ve also got an online store for anyone that can’t make it to the physical markets. The Bazaar is a well-known Christmas market and makes a comeback each year without fail! And their popularity is for good reason as they have a good range of stalls that will ensure you are able to find gifts for mum and the whole family. 


Having been stuck in Perth for the majority of this year, a worthwhile present would be a staycation in a home away from home! As 2020 graced us with Covid-19 and therefore lockdown, households have become workplaces, schools and restaurants all in one. Setting your mum up in a hotel or apartment for a couple nights will ensure that she has some relaxing time away from the house. There are plenty of hotels or apartments in Perth that have open availability and it would be a shame not to take advantage of that. If you really want to splurge on mum this Christmas, you could even book her a staycation in Western Australia’s south-west winery region or up north by the beach. This present could even work as a combined gift for mum and dad!

Books by WA Authors

If your mum is an avid reader, then she will definitely appreciate a few good books! WA authors have had a great publishing year and there are so many novels to choose from. Writing WA published a guide on reading local books detailing some of their favourites. They provide succinct reviews of different novels and genres and compile a comprehensive list of must-reads and popular perusers!

It is also worth checking out WA publishing houses websites such as Fremantle Press, UWA Publishing and Margaret River Press for a list of books they have recently published. Their websites showcase their published novels according to categories of genre which makes it even easier to source a novel that you know mum will truly love!

Plant-based Gifts

Plants are an underrated but much appreciated gift! To the untrained eye, it might appear as a boring, functional present. But I can guarantee that anyone you buy a plant for will really value the addition of some new greenery in their home or garden. With indoor plants becoming all the more popular, it has become quite the trend to have a few plants in kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms to give a house that natural, earthy vibe.

No matter where you’re located in Perth, there are so many garden centres or nurseries around (some with cafes attached)! Popular ones include Wattleup Plant Nursery who mainly specialise in outdoor plants and Bar Botanik who sell an array of indoor and outdoor greens of various different sizes. For the mums who have a green thumb, places like Landsdale Plants sell plants that are slightmore more difficult to handle but just as beautiful! And for the mums who struggle to keep plants alive but still want something to spruce up their home, Perth Succulent Bowls showcase a range of intricately constructed succulents. They even do gift vouchers!

With Covid having put local businesses back quite a bit this year, it’ll be great to support Perth and WA based stores and also find mum a present. With so much to offer, shopping locally this Christmas will ensure that you get her a present she doesn’t already have and something she will love and cherish!