Me Time Getaways – Connect. Indulge. Unwind.

Ladies – There’s a new saviour in town. Her name is Fiona and she is here to single handedly rescue you from yourself and that crazy busy life you’ve built, with Me Time Getaways.

Let me paint you a familiar picture: The never-ending cycle of wanting to organise something but never quite managing to get further than knowing you want to organise something.

Enter – Me Time Getaways. This fantastic new WA business takes away all the time consuming research and hard work, pulling on years of experience in the tourism industry to create moments to remember. With all-inclusive getaways set to launch this July (2020), you and your pals will be able to select from options such as a weekend in Margaret River, an overnighter in Perth, and a trip down to the Great Southern. Prices start from approx. $220pp for a fun-filled overnighter and approx. $350pp for a heavenly weekend trip.

Every partner brought on by Me Time Getaways has been thoroughly vetted and has made the cut thanks to the exceptional quality of the experiences they offer. When asked how she selects businesses to form a package, Fiona had this to say: ‘All the getaways have been designed to appeal to women just like my friends and I – women who feel like we occasionally deserve to be spoilt.’


Well I don’t know about you but frankly that speaks to my soul – We all deserve to be spoilt.
Allow me to get a little deep here…

We live in a society that praises and creates martyrs out of the busiest among us – as though its something to strive for. And as women, we are forever trying to prove we can ‘Do It All’. The thing is, we can. We can and we do. But we are often left broken and exhausted because of it. One of the most important things I was ever told by my Mum is this: ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup.’
That has stayed with me my whole life, and I’ve had to quote it back to her on many occasions. It is not selfish to take care of yourself and make yourself a priority. How can you help and care for others if your cup is empty?


And on that note…HOW!? I hear you screaming at your screen! It’s simple:

Being so close to launching, you can head to and browse the destinations before selecting the type of package that suits you. If you are as keen as us you can sign up to the mailing list so you too can be ready to book as soon as they are live!

With two different price point packages available, The Freedom Package and The Luxury Package, there is something for every girl gang out there. Whether you’re a dynamic duo or a (currently undiscovered by the music industry) girl band of 5, Fiona has you covered.

One thing we love is the Mystery offering. If you’re the planner of your girl gang, always having to make the choices and decisions for others, there is a new and exciting way to take the guesswork out of it – book a Mystery Getaway!
Think about it, when was the last time someone surprised YOU? Fiona says – Challenge accepted! Let her take charge, make the plans, book all the things and send you on an indulgent Mystery Getaway to connect and unwind with friends. And the most exciting part is, you won’t know where you’re going or what you’re doing until the very last minute! (Ok, a few days beforehand, she’s not a monster). Who doesn’t love a surprise?

So stay tuned ladies, help is on the way!

‘My Goal is to create lasting memories and cement friendships among women. Often self-care can be put at the bottom of a long list of priorities and I would love to make it easier for women to put themselves first’

Fiona – Director
Me Time Getaways