Good Vibrations at The Maj

On a stifling hot Perth summer evening its was great to enter Downstairs at The Maj for some cool vibrations. The Summer Cats – Surfing the Soundwaves of the Beach Boys’ Legacy is one of many amazing acts on the Fringe World 2024 program.

The Beach Boys are universally recognised as one of the most influential and bands of all time.

Dressed appropriately with beachy attire, Zalia Joi with an exceptionally talented band take the audience on a nostalgic musical journey. Replicating the complex harmonies and musical genius of The Beach Boys is no easy task for a tribute band. But, if the enthusiasm of the audience is any guide, this band of barefooted performers were more than up to the task. The Summer Cats vocals and harmonies were spot on as they performed the Beach Boys vast repertoire of great hits. The standouts for me are God Only Knows and the classic Good Vibrations.

I would have been happy just hearing the songs one after another, but there’s much more to this World Premiere act. Interwoven through the songs, the fascinating story of the Beach Boys is skilfully narrated by the band members. Although it covers singer and Beach Boy’s co-founder Brian Wilson’s darker moments, the one-hour act is largely a joyful and respectful tribute to one of the greatest American bands of our times.

It’s a big hang ten 4 stars from me.

This show has concluded for this season, but be sure to keep an eye out for it next year!