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There are many music genres. You can love some, and not be a fan of others, but it would be hard to find one who won’t tap their feet, clap their hands and truly enjoy the joy and uplifting nature of swing.

“Hear the band play the most fun songs of the swing era! See Perth’s leading swing dancers. Listen to the wild stories of the jazz artists and dancers. Feel the energy and passion of this great era of music and dance.”

Swinging at the Savoy is one of Perth’s best swing bands. There is a vibe with them that feels warm, fun and like they genuinely just want you to enjoy your time with them.

The Stories of Swing takes you on a journey to learn about the greats that influenced the musical genre. We learn about how skat was created, some amazing rags to riches stories and watch some fabulous swing dancers, showing us how it is done, all in one show.

Sid Hennessy, on double bass and vocals, guides you through each song with a story and a funny anecdote. He has the pace, tone and audience connection that truly made you feel part of their story. The musicians all had fantastic talent, and I especially loved Mark Wearing (Woodwinds, Vocals) who lit up throughout the night with his train noises, smile and you could see he has a passion for what he does.

The Stories of Swing is a really lovely night out. The kind of experience where you leave your troubles at the door and just sit back with a glass of wine and enjoy being entertained.

With two shows remaining on the 26th Jan and the 15th Feb, be sure to secure your tickets for this fun night out!

Duration: 60 min

Venue: The Ellington Jazz Club

Suitability and warnings: PG

Dates: 26 January and 15th February remaining

Purchase tickets here.