4 star review

There are not many Fringe Shows that two people can attend the same show, at the same time, and have a completely different experience, however The Sensemaker achieved this, and sparked heated discussion.

The Sensemaker was created years ago, and the themes will continue to be as relevant for us in 2023 as they were in 2019, and well into the future. A theatre/dance performance with absolute minimalism outside of the performer. A chair, phone and a handbag have never held such significance.

The show started with the crowd bonding over a shared frustration at the hold music you find on any Government help line, through to when you’re waiting to book tickets for a show. We all know THAT music. We also know that robotic female voice that is so damn condescending when it says please and thank you. We share wait time, and that’s where the heated discussion started. My fellow reviewer shared that the show led him down quite an unexpected path. He felt connected to the performer and the emotions she was feeling. He felt the sadness for the control that corporations and robots have on our lives and the ‘hoops’ needed to jump through. He was moved and certainly challenged.

I, on the other hand, experienced the show with an uncomfortable frustration. I too felt connected with the performer, but I felt the show built the dependence we have on corporations and showed how much we all have to go through, often unwillingly, just to get our basic needs met by those with power.

The Sensemaker is a strong and striking show that does not hold back in baring all to make the point. The musical dance numbers provided a fun relief to the tension throughout, whilst still building the storyline.

A powerful and confronting show that shows genius writing wrapped in a pretty robotic bow.

A must-see for audiences who want to be challenged in the status quo.

The Sensemaker

Who: R18+

Where: Rehearsal Room 1 at State Theatre Centre of WA

When: Show runs through to 5th February 2023

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The Sensemaker