5 star review fringe 2023

When 60% of the Perth Happenings team goes to the same show and we all come up with a solid 5 STARS, you know this is one not to miss! Producers Strut and Fret return to Perth for the first time since 2020 and although all their shows have been wild adventures, The Purple Rabbit is this reviewers favourite to date.

The Purple Rabbit promises a late-night fix of comedy, spectacle, and trickery, and this little hare does not disappoint. The Rechabite Hall is the perfect venue for The Purple Rabbit, and simply adds to the mysterious, chaotic atmosphere. Although not fully the ‘traditional’ magic you’re used to, the show redefines what magic looks like.

It is difficult to choose one highlight of the show, but if I simply HAD to, The Unnamed Magician had me hooked. With fingers that are faster than his magic words- ‘Why you no doctor”- it was incredibly hard not to fall for this nerdy man whose naughty one liners were certainly a hit with the audience.

There was ‘Mouth Magician’ Gale whose mouth was a magic instrument without doubt, attempting to bring the house down and wow, was he all about that bass. The fiery burlesque routine by Angie Sylvia had me absolutely mesmerized, bordering on besotted, bringing the figurative and literal heat to The Rechabite. I could not look away, it was so hot.

If you happened to be pondering a career change, perhaps sexual psychic-ologist Harper Jones will be your inspiration! Bringing the audience participation level up, Jones navigated the ability to get a little raunchy, stick in the Vanilla lane and be so very exceptional at her role as a psychic, never once making her willing ‘subject’ uncomfortable. True skills.

Dom Chambers was our ring master and he kept the magic coming act after act. With the stage presence of a lead singer (you know the Robbie Williams sexy, naughty but really a good boy type), you simply had to believe in magic when he pulled all sorts of things from all sorts of places with all sorts of props that really, don’t belong on your head.

A wild ride from start to finish, strap on in and don’t miss out.

The Purple Rabbit

Who: 18+


When: 29th Jan to 5th Feb (excluding Mon 30th)

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The Purple Rabbit Perth