A night full of stunning artisan jewelry, a lavishly decorated venue with a flowing champagne tower and endless canapes – we had the opportunity to meet and greet Alan, the founder of Linney’s, and the second generation of the business as we celebrated the launch of the Linney’s 50th Anniversary collection.

Surrounded by family, friends, business partners and patrons alike, the Subiaco showroom was filled to the brim with glitz and glamour, with models wandering around wearing Linney’s signature pieces. With a theme of classic black and gold, the atelier had an air of sophistication and elegance for the night, and so many of us excited to see the newest collection to celebrate!

With 300 pieces ready for their latest release, and in particular, their Artisan Series, the hotly anticipated release tells the story of Linney’s from its very beginning. From Alan’s early start as Alan.B.Linney Goldsmith working as a jeweler in London Court, to their early adoption of Australian Broome pearls within their iconic work, to inclusion of carefully selected pink Argyle diamonds, Linney’s jewelry and craftsmanship has stood the test of time with a bright future ahead.

Looking particularly at The Artisan Series, it holds 50 singularly crafted one-of-a-kind pieces themed across the decades. Every individual piece containing one or more of the gorgeous Linney’s stunning Australian Pink Argyle diamonds. With half of the Artisan Series already spoken for at an earlier showing at the WA Museum, the public release of these exclusive pieces means a hot contest to have your own once-off unique piece of Linney’s history – unseen anywhere else in this world.

According to Linney’s staff, the molten styling of gold in Linney’s pieces are directly an Alan signature choice, and their years of stunning craftsmanship have continued in the newest generation of Linneys, from Tanya Linney, flying in from Sydney to be the face of the campaign, to Justin, Nathan and Troy Linney taking the helm for the business.

If you get a chance to see this amazing collection, make sure to admire their Australian Princess necklace, the crowning piece of the Artisan collection, worth just under a million. Handcrafted with 18ct rose and white gold, the pendant has a pear cut pink diamond, surrounded by brilliantly white diamonds and an Australian south sea cultured pearl.

The choice for hopeful brides and jewelry lovers throughout the decades, Linney’s 50th collection is a testament to their creativity, fine craft, and impressive attention to detail in their client’s requests. With bespoke jewellery an option in their showrooms, you’ll always find what you’ve dreamt of with Linney’s.

Make sure to check out the Artisan Series, as well as Linney’s newest collection here.