Nestled in the Swan Valley is an authentic French café that will satisfy all of your Parisian dreams…Welcome to Maison Saint Honoré in Caversham!

With crepes being made on one counter, and macarons and pastries on the other, you’ll instantly be transported to France (easiest international travel ever!).

The café was alive with couples, friends, recreational groups, and mothers with young children making the most of the amazing outdoor playground.  This made for a great overall atmosphere.

The menu

You can rest assured you’re getting an authentic French dining experience with jams made in house and butter imported from France.

On this occasion as part of our annual Foodie Bucket List, we tried the Eggs Royal with Bacon and the Crepe Vegetarian.

Eggs Royal is poached eggs, your choice of meat and hollandaise sauce in a croissant shimmering with gold! It’s perfect for those who are looking for a hearty breakfast with a touch of glamour.

The gold shimmer adds an elegant touch

The Crepe Vegetarian consisted of mozzarella, spinach and mushroom sautés with a homemade basil pesto that will make even the most dedicated carnivores drool.

The Crepe Vegetarian was a big hit

Maison Saint Honoré offer vegetarian, vegan, halal and gluten options of their menu so it’s the perfect destination for every dietary necessity or preference!

Always room for dessert!

After our meals, we tried eight flavours of Maison St Honoré’s famous macarons: salted caramel, coconut, chocolate, lavender, blueberry, pistachio, lemon and strawberry. They were all delicious but give the lavender macaron a try for a new and distinct flavour explosion.

Final thoughts

Overall the food was amazing, the desserts were to die for and the service was lovely – I’d definitely recommending Maison Saint Honoré to your friends for your next brunch catch-up.

Be sure visit to Maison Saint Honoré and experience the best of French café dining for yourself!