Dizzy O’Dare is an established street theatre and circus performance company. Despite having played the circuit internationally since 2009, this year marks their Australian debut at Fringe World.

To the tune of catchy 80s pop, Michael Imerson bounds in full of energy, ready to entertain. He is a true showman. In between dancing from corner to corner of the stage, he works up the crowd and immediately builds rapport with children and adults alike. Children are generally more pliable to being part of the action but the fact that Michael managed to get the adults in on the game is testament to his affability.

The connection between showman and audience is vital as this show is enhanced by audience participation…. so get ready to get involved!

The bulk of this show revolves around Michael dancing, sculpting balloons and having fun with the audience through it all. The utter silliness he brings to the stage traps the audience in a loop of giggles and guffaws. The namesake “giant balloon” only makes up the 10 minute-ish finale of this show. While my plebeian mind is unsure of what more could be done with the giant balloon, I wish we could have seen more of it during the show. Who knew that seeing someone tangle with a giant balloon would be so ridiculously hilarious?!

The Giant Balloon Show is a family show but will draw the most laughs from the under 7s. The final act though, is undisputedly, the biggest crowd pleaser regardless of whether you’re 7 or 70.

The Giant Balloon Show is on now until 18th February. Book your tickets here!