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With less than 2 weeks until the launch of WA’s new container deposit scheme, Containers for Change has unveiled the $wan in Yagan Square.

The $wan, which is made from 10,000 recycled containers, shines a light on the waste issue in WA with a visual representation of how many drink containers are consumed every four minutes. The $wan will be in Yagan Square until Friday 2 October 2020.

WA consumes 1.3 billion drink containers every year, that’s 3.5 million a day, 150,000 an hour and more than 2,000 a minute. Drink containers are one of the biggest litter contributors to our oceans, rivers and creeks, making up 44% of litter (by volume) in WA.

Containers for Change will divert recyclable containers from landfill and litter and generate up to $130 million of refunds for West Australians each year.

From October 1, Western Australians will be able to cash in their eligible drink containers for 10 cents each at any of the more than 200 authorised Containers for Change refund points across the state. To find out more about the scheme and exact locations of refund points please visit – https://www.containersforchange.com.au/wa/

From Saturday 19 September 2020 West Australians:

● Can visit the $wan at Yagan Square, meet the Containers Crew, sign up for their Scheme ID and learn about the scheme.

● See the $wan in their own community by using the CFC Swan AR filter on Instagram.

● Have the opportunity to win $10,000, plus daily instant win cash prizes by visiting cfcswan.com.au

Why not try you luck now?