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by Amber Wilkison

I have a theory that if you try hard enough any situation can become a musical. I imagine this is an idea the creators of The Beep Test also share. Because let be honest who else would think of taking the anxiety-inducing beep test and turning it into a wildly entertaining and comical musical.

The Beep Test tells the story of 4 students from Year 7c as they face the annual fitness exam. For those of you who may have never experienced this traumatic part of childhood, the beep test features a straight 20m run and you must make it in the time frame indicated by a beep. The higher the level you can make it the fitter you are – this definitely struck fear into us all just a little bit.

The show is full of fast-paced energy and manages to deliver an engaging and highly entertaining show in only 50 minutes. With a cast of West Australian Academy of Performing Arts students, the musical numbers were top notch and some even leaving me in stitches.

The characters feel so real and familiar, almost as if you went to school with them.

The show captures how it feels to be back in year 7 when something like the Beep Test felt like the most important thing in the world and how things change as we grow up.

I laughed, smiled and even found myself feeling a little emotional from The Beep Test. If you’re looking for something feel-good and fun, this Fringe season then this is the show for you.

Unfortunately this season has ended, but if you would like to know more about the act and producers, click here.