The B-Plot Girls follows the lives of Jen – ‘a ball-busting girl boss determined to break into the boys club of journalism’ and Bridget – ‘a traditional housewife hell-bent on keeping her satanic secret and perfect family.’

Both women are characters in TV shows that are about to be cancelled and have found themselves in a crossover episode in an attempt to save their jobs.

This two woman show brought to life by Rachel Foucar and Angela Leta Kaye, features an array of musical numbers that show the trajectory of female characters when there are no men in the writers room, what it means to be in a position of power and taking back your own story.

Through their sarcastic commentary of capitalism, the media and gender (with the odd Luciferian ritual), both women perfectly depict the ‘accepted’ roles of women in society, the importance of recognising differences, not letting others perceptions define you.

The comedic highlight of the show is the best sponsors you will ever see. Each sponsor, more outrageous than the next, holds a mirror up to the world we currently live in and will make you laugh out loud and question – why do we do these ridiculous things?

The show cleverly explores what it means to be second string in your own life, the role of a woman, and the impact of societal pressure. Both actresses do an amazing job of carrying both the story taking place on the screen and the story that is unfolding when the cameras stop rolling in a way that is clear for the audience to understand.

The B-Plot Girls is presented by Umbrella Works Inc – a not for profit arts organisation supporting independent producers of contemporary performance in Western Australia and the show’s well-written, humorous allegory for climate in which we currently live perfectly highlights why local arts are so important.

I would recommend this show to anyone who is interested in seeing societal norms reflected back onto them in a way that will truly have you questioning the role you play both in your own life and within the wider world.

WHERE: The Briefing Room at Girls School

WHEN: January 20th-31st at 7pm

TICKETS: B-Plot Girls I Fringe World 2021